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In the contemporary times, it is rather impossible to not notice the significant consequences on people and society. Social scientists believe that the rise in marriage endings has not only troubled and destroyed children’s lives but has also impacted the society incredibly. Divorce is a prevalent social problem that has not only brought devastation to family life but has also impacted emotional wellbeing, job solidity, substance abuse, physical health, juvenile delinquency, crime, and attainment of education. Although divorce saves adults from bad marriage experiences, it hinders social development through impoverishment, economic stress, and psychological trauma in children. Therefore, there is a need to reverse this trend by increasing awareness of the importance of family as the nucleus of a society (Fagan & Rector).
Throughout the world, innumerable children go through physical and mental distress while dealing with the divorce of their parents. According to several researches in this regard, the consequences of the said social problem continues to have a drastic effect on an individual even when he/she reaches maturity. Divorce not only impacts the childhood and adolescent years of children but also becomes a menace for the next generation. This is because in majority of cases, divorce inflicts lifelong and critical effects. The continuing and long-standing effects of divorce have the capability of devastating a society (perhaps an entire nation) as no society can grow and develop with adults who have psychological problems. The loss/absence of a parent as the result of divorce may tend children to perform poorly in academics. They also tend to develop anti-social behaviors as it becomes embarrassing for them to face people and answer all sorts of questions concerning their parents’ divorce. In most cases, children are not able to adapt the certain changes after divorce. They find it difficult after moving out to acknowledge, accept, and adapt the new environment, new neighborhood, new school, and new people. This inadaptability subsequently makes them isolated, emotionally stressed, and sensitive. Above all, children of divorce stop believing in the integrity and significance of the institution of marriage. Poverty is also a consequence of divorce and changes in living standards may make children offensive and delinquent (Stewart & Brentano).
For all the mentioned consequences of divorce, it is extremely important to reverse the discussed trend in society. There is a dire need to take immediate and effective steps for bringing a cultural shift. The perception that divorce is not a big deal needs to be changed. It is also important to make people realize that making silly and resolvable issues the basis to end a marriage is not acceptable considering the effects of divorce (Fagan & Rector). It is the responsibility of a society to teach its people the core principles of marriage sustenance and maintenance. Marriage must be highlighted as “ the best environment in which to raise healthy, happy children who can achieve their potential, and the family is the most important institution for social well-being” (Fagan & Rector). To cut a long story short, a society is built by family life which is dependent on a good married life. It is not possible for a society to enhance and progress if the marriage institution is weakened through increasing rates of separation and divorce. Intact marriages may become a reality if the concerned officials and governments provide this significant institution with necessary supports and protections. At the same time it is also the responsibility of married couples to avoid being self-centered and think twice about the effects of divorce before reaching a final decision.

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