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The Construction Cost Trends for 2014 September/ October2014 issue

The BNi@ Building News and Design Cost DataTM are regarded as important American magazines used in the construction industry. They are the leading providers of the industry intelligence. The articles are mainly devoted to delivering the industrial critical information to help in providing reliable cost estimates to all the industry concerned bodies. The article is quite helpful for the construction professionals’ on matters such as projecting future building cost and the building trends (BNi@ Building News 24).

Authors and Audience

The Construction Cost Trends for 2014 magazine contributed by BNi@ Building News, shows how the housing trend is recovering from many parts of the American nation. The magazine provides an elaborate breakdown of the construction materials. The article addresses the architects, the real estate developers and the American cooperate department. The article reveals that, once again the commercial construction industry is in an accelerating trend as compared to the public that is diminishing. The magazine further indicates that the total construction industry is still in an accelerating trend (BNi@ Building News 24).
The Construction Cost Trends for 2014 September/ October2014 issue used valid topics in order to presents its construction arguments. The article extensively discusses the cost of various construction materials. Despite the reduction inflation level in America, the magazine provides a detailed discussion on the significant increase in the prices of individual construction commodities by approximately 8%. In a projected magazine, the magazine indicates that after a rather somewhat flat year of 2013, the price of rubber and rubber products have accelerated by 2%. The magazine relates the relative increase in the price of rubber to directly have a relationship with the increase in price of the crude rubber. On the price of the sand and gravel, the magazine indicates that its price has been in an upward trend with close to 5% this year from 2013 (BNi@ Building News 24). The magazine admits that despite the accelerating trend, the sand and gravel component has been on an average trend for the last ten years. The BNi@ Building News in the graph work admits that the millwork price has outpaced the rest of the construction materials with an acceleration range of 3-4%. This increase has been experienced as a result of increased in price of lumber. However, the trend is still below as compared to the year 2012 which was approximately 4-5%. This magazine reports that clay and ceramic still trade at relatively tight range. The projected graph trend indicates that the two products have been flat for the last six years. The graphical projections provided by this magazine indicate that the cost of Limestone has moved to 2-3% since the year 2013. However, the trend is slowly stabilizing. The magazine believes in improved public works in order to change the trends of these commodities (BNi@ Building News 24).


The Construction Cost Trends for 2014 September/ October2014 issue is an updated issue of the DCD. The magazine uses reliable researched data to project graphs and determine the cost through 2018 to over 600 regions. This resource has acted as a benchmark to historical construction cost and new projects in construction (BNi@ Building News 24).
It is true that The Construction Cost Trends for 2014 September/ October2014 issue is a reliable cost estimating magazines necessary for design and construction. The magazine has achieved its intended purpose of providing a preliminary cost estimates and cost modeling in America.
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