Example of report on online shopping


Apples Inc is one the most valuable wholly-owned renowned company globally. The company designs produce and markets wide-range of both hardware and software content and applications for communications such as computers, mobile communications, networking solutions. These items include Macintosh computers, iPod, Apple TV and variety of professional applications.

Mode of communication with customers

The company uses superior strategies to develop and communicate to its customers. This includes online shopping stores through internet, direct sales and third party value added resellers. The main customers include state government enterprises, creative markets and educational sectors.

Replenishment of the store inventory

The company purchases are sources components from several vendors to fully help in the manufacturing of new products. It is also committed to provide the best customer service, therefore, it has a strategy to design and develop strong innovative operating system . The company continues in research and development, this has provided a strong platform for surplus production to its customers’ needs.

Competition with other retailers online

As a result of the high volatile competitive nature of the industries in which the company contends, it has relentlessly introduced upgraded online shopping of products, services and technologies, to effectively fit and meet the customers demand. The company’s ability to locate its international stores in desirable high traffic locations has helped to provide the best configuration for its intending customers. The shops are ostentatiously presented to enhance marketing of the products through both direct and online sales .


The company’s eminent efforts to fully provide online shopping have helped it to achieve the intended global competence in the innovation, marketing and technical competence, this has provided the company a reasonable portfolio in the market.


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