Example of should britain break ties with the eu essay

Should Britain Break Ties with the EU?
I. Introduction
Britain has always been a powerful actor within the European Union and lately, they are being restrained by the EU through policies and decisions enacted by the institution. The British people have also noted the heavier duty they have been given as they have to sustain the member states that the EU has through taxes and lobbies imposed to them. Many politicians have already noted how the EU would weaken the strength and position of the British community both in the region and around the globe if they continue to be part of the group. However, the government continues to support its position in aiding the European Union and be part of its inner political realm. CNN (2011) reported that Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague stated that Britain must now take a stand and loosen ties with the European Union due to the problem of the Euro in certain member countries or else Britain would also be shook and weaken . At present, the debate on whether or not Britain should leave the EU is still being discussed around the country.
A. Thesis Statement: Considering the current instability of the Euro and the weakening influence of UK in the European continent, the British government must decide to break its ties with the EU or they may lose the century old history and image it has portrayed to its people and to the international community.

II. Statement 1
One reason Britain must move away from the European Union is the dwindling status of the EU to the British public as the media shows how weak the EU is becoming and they do not feel that it would be good for them in the long run.
A. Supporting Statement: According to a report by The Daily Bell (2011) the EU policies are useless in the eyes of the British people as Britain has already lost billions of pounds because of their own government’s position in the European Union
B. Explanation: If the financial crisis continues around Europe, most especially in the EU member states, it may be possible that the British government would lose its bearings and ultimately lose more money that it is now, causing citizens to get kicked out of their jobs and losing their own stability.

III. Statement 2

Many are stressing that the British government must create a forum to decide their position in the EU.

A. Supporting evidences: Mark Pritchard, leader of the conservative politicians who backed PM Cameron for his bid to the position; noted that there must be a referendum set by the government and speak to the people and to the politicians regarding their plan to change their position in the European Union sphere
B. Explanation: Should Cameron and his allies retain their position regarding Britain’s role in the EU, it would be possible that Cameron may lose his bid for re-election just like how Angela Merkel of Germany lost the support of the people in bidding for certain projects that would have given the EU a large sum of support from the German government.
IV. Statement 3
The demands of the EU to the British people are no longer within the range that they can tolerate and is slowly turning the country as a slave, whose only role is to support the developing nations of the European Union and pay for what they cannot fund and provide.
A. Supporting Evidence: As noted in the article written by the Daily Bell, the members of the House of Commons stated they would no longer continue to accept the unfair rules and taxes being imposed to them by the EU because it does not improve the EU system and it also gives the public more burden which should not be the case as the British people have already a lot of things to work on.
B. Explanation: Should the British government move away from the EU, not only would the British people gain back control over their sovereignty
V. Conclusion
A. At present, there are still some benefits and remedies that can be done by both parties to still retain their partnership as equal members of the European Union and the dominant actors in the region. However, the British government must make their move before Britain experiences the same financial downpour the other European Union member states are currently experiencing. Should they not make this move, it may be possible that Britain may no longer be able to recover what it has lost and its position in the international arena.


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