Expository writing

EXPOSITORY WRITING LANGUAUGE LAB BY EDUTECH Edutech, a company well known for its personality development softwares has launched another new invention called the language lab. Language lab is software specially designed for the enhancement of communication skills. It is beneficial for a beginner as well as a professional. The product is user friendly and interactive. A person with no technical knowledge can also use it easily. It has several interactive sessions that provide a platform to the users to test their conversational and comprehensive skills. The software is easy to be installed and can run on a computer as well as television. All you need to do is to insert the given CD into a DVD player or your PC and follow the instructions. The instructions are available in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi and Tamil languages in addition to English. Since the instructions are demonstrated in audio/video format, it is even more convenient to operate. When the program is successfully installed, it demands your username and age. As you login with the required information, a window appears which shows the five sections of the program- grammar, reading, vocabulary and spelling, conversation, and writing skills. As per your interest or requirement, you can enter into a particular section. The grammar section is divided into chapters that introduce the concepts of parts of speech and figures of speech. It begins with just a basic understanding of these and gradually delves into a detailed study. There are pictorial representations and a recorded voice to make the grammatical section interesting. This helps you to understand the concepts faster and retain them easily. Every chapter of the section ends up with a puzzle or a quiz to test all that you have learnt. In the reading section, you can improve your pronunciation and other aspects of reading skills to a great extent. A very special feature of this section is that, prior to the interactive session, it asks for your accent which may be Indian, British or American. After that, it provides you a paragraph to read and a recorded voice corrects you every time you pronounce a word incorrectly. When you have finished off reading, it lists the errors pertaining to rhythm, flow, and pause and prompts you to read the words again which you had pronounced incorrectly. As the name suggests, the vocabulary and spelling section helps you to develop the same. It follows with an interactive session of dictation. The conversational section of the program is the most interesting of all. The reason behind it is the live session it provides. However, the live session is executable provided you have an internet connection. The live session connects you to a special 24*7 operational conversation box where you can debate, take part in group discussions, and even talk with experts. This allows you not only to develop your conversational skills, but also to boost up your confidence being an orator. Last but not the least is the section of writing skills where you can learn different techniques of writing and select a topic to write. Your piece of writing is duly examined and checked by the program and marks are also assigned to the write-up. Thus, this invention is a boon in the field of education and is strongly recommended to all those who want to develop their communication skills regardless of age or qualifications.