Facts and backgrounds of community report example

Wales is the part of United Kingdom that is bounded by west of England on the island of Great Britain, Included with England to the east and Irish to the west. Wales has an area of 20, 779 sq. km. It is deliberation that Wales is former populated since 250, 000 BC, they have been care for its own different civilization and a strong supporter of independence sentiment. About 90% of Wales’ enlarge is due to migration, population has been raised 153, 000 (5%) than 3. 06m in the past years, typically due to relocation from the UK and in a foreign country , the 2011 survey says that the increase of population was the largest in any ten year period among censuses since 1921. Cardiff is the capital and the largest city which has seen the biggest growth in Wales to 346, 000 people, up 12% since 2001; it has an area of 20, 768 sq km., other major towns/cities are Swansea, Newport, and Wrexham. Wales’s temperature, gentle and soggy, has ensured the progress of a large quantity of plant and mammal life, Ferns, mosses, and grasslands as well as plentiful forested areas. Oak, mount of ash, and coniferous leaves are established in precipitous regions below 1, 000 feet. The pine marten, a small living thing related to a mink, and the polecat, an element of the weasel family, are bring into being only in Wales.
The Welsh today are descended from various people. Celtic tribes from Europe came to decide the entire of the British Isles around 500-100 BC, besides the new Iron Age population. It was their language which has been sowing the seeds of the modern Welsh verbal communication. Roman and Saxon invasions pressed the original Britons into the property area of Wales, and they became the Welsh municipal, Inner and outer migration has further varied new layers of people across history. Wales has an extended and wealthy history of pupil’s knowledge outside school time, both within the school and in the group of people. Chapels, the Eisteddfod, and little Farmers Clubs, as well as a whole variety of sovereign providers, have contributed to the highest degree to the endorsement of creative, sporting and educational activities and other benefit of all kinds.
Wales is habitually called the “ Land of Castles” and exactly so because they’ve got over 600 castles, that’s more castles per square mile because they believed to have more castles per square mile than anyplace in the world, you can trip antique castles where renowned battles were fought with the Celts, the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings, as it is house to a number of Europe’s premium existing examples of medieval castle building. Here are the famous castles in Wales; Caerphilly Castle is the one of the main castles in Europe, It has a superintendent which out places the Italian Tower of Pisa. Castell Coch, is a castle of fairy tales, also known as the Red Castle, it was constructed and contritHYPERLINK ” http://thesaurus. com/browse/contrive” e in the 19th century for the third marquess of Bute to symbolize idealistic medieval legend. Caernarfon Castle, Constructed by Edward I, this is one of Europe’s excessive primitive citadels, the castle held the ritual where Charles Windsor was made the Prince of Wales. And Cardiff Castle, is one of Wales’s biggest sightseer attractions, It’s an inspiring instance of a fortification, first time-honored by the Normans in 1106, and only a two minute walk from city centre shops.
Wales National Anthem is “ Hen Wlad fy Nhadau” which means” Land of my father’s”, The tune and words are work by the father and son, Evan James and his James. Their official Languages are Indo-European and English language; Indo-European language it has much of the deep configuration of its sentence structure, as well as a lot language similar with that. English is also have its place to the West Germanic division of the Indo-European languages, here is another fact only 21% of the entire Wales population that can talk their native language. Welsh Government is devolved Government for Wales, they are running to develop the lifecycle of municipal in Wales and form the nation a greater place in which to exist and they provide Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales that inspects care homes and home care amenities often.
Wales Patron Saint is St David in Wales “ Dewi Sant” was a Christian church official, He is the Welsh Bishop during 6th century, David is against with such other state patron saints as England’s Saint George, also later regarded as a saint and regarded as the Patron as the Patron Saint of Wales, in that moderately much is recognized regarding to his existence. The first minister of Wales is Carwyn Jones AM (Assembly Member) and Wales also have a motto “ Cymru am byth” which means “ Wales Forever” and that’s apparently their saying. The populace of sheep or Welsh Sheep in wales has a four times larger than the Welsh population of peoples, Adrian’s parents’ house has a farm of welsh sheep in the down road, they are allowing you to walk through the field to get to the walking trace trough the foliage. The Welsh Alphabet does not use the following consonants: J, K, Q, V, X, Z, they are often replaced by the Welsh letters with the same sound, for example: Zero or Sero; Kilogram to Cilogram; Volt or Folt, Welsh language rules, like most Celtic languages, includes a sequence of rules for alteration. When one of these rules is useful to alter the first note of a word, it makes it hard to discover that word in a Welsh/English dictionary.
The Red Dragon flag or “ y Ddraig Goch”, Between AD250 and AD400, the Roman period, emblems were sometimes made into “ draco” standards, it was used by Roman military cohorts at the Emperor of Trajan, these dragons became strongly associated both with war and power, after the Romans left, the red Dragon remained and adopted as an answer emblem of some welsh kings from the early fifth century as a symbol of their own power and ability to make war on their enemies when the enemies had left, and there are books of battles beside the Saxons beneath the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon became the Wales official flag since 1901 and 1911 it was used on a flag in its current format during Prince Edward’s position. Tudors are the adaptors of the Red Dragon, and when King Henry VII took to the fight of Bosworth meadow less than the Red Dragon average. Wales originates from the word “ wallas”, which means foreigner or stranger, this is where the ‘ wall’ in Cornwall comes from, It is a different meaning than an ordinary word used decades ago, Variations of the same word can be found in other countries, such as Walloon part of Belgium.
Wales has tradition like music and poetry that encouraged to the artist, financial support is derived from both private and public sectors so it means this art are very helpful to their community and when it comes to their national culture they still giving it an importance. The Wales government provides assistance for literature, art, music, and theater to preserve their cultural traditions, so that the council organized tours of foreign performance groups and provides grants to writers for both English- and Welsh- linguistic publications. Singing is the central of the presentation of arts in Wales and has its line in primeval ethnicity. Music was both pursuit and a means to know a lot of stories. The Welsh National Opera, is one of the significant opus companies in Britain, Wales is legendary for all man gender choirs, which have evolved from the holy harmonic tradition. Traditional instruments, like the harp, are still extensively played, and since 1906 the Welsh Folk Song Society are the one who conserved, composed, and published the songs. The Welsh Theater Company is dangerously acclaimed and Wales has formed many worldwide well-known actors. They also have festival called “ The Eisteddfod”, its exhibitions and competitions are choir choral groups, drama, narration, creative writing, and portrait that take place. The two major places to take every year for this festival; The National Eisteddfod in North and South Wales, Detained alternating years in early august, and Eisteddfod in Llangollen, in mid-July that attracts artists and musicians from over the world.

Assets and Challenge of Community

Land Tenure and Property of Wales, their land was unofficially forbidden by tribes who severely protected by their territory. The Welsh kingdoms are controlled by the kings who decided to subjects’ residence because of the spotted and moderately small residents of Wales and most people lived on isolated farms or in small villages. The following Act of Union by way of England, the king decided provide dignity and later to the land, with the rise of a center class. In the beginning the industrial revolution caused a fundamental transform in the country and farm workers, who left in geography region in large statistics to look for work in urban areas and coal mines, for now trade workers borrowed living housing or provided with factory accommodation.
There are a probable 18, 000 society buildings, such as society centers and private halls, you can find it across England and Wales, and this offer is for smaller multi-use organization. The list of unnecessary buildings includes main and minor schools, shops, warehouses, pubs, churches, elderly people’s housing and a lot more. These buildings can be owned any of the following; public, private, and some sectors and this is sometimes in important numbers in about each locality. “ Wales has a historic and diverse environment in rural and urban areas that needs to be protected and enhanced for future generations. The local environment has a direct impact on communities and citizens’ quality of life, including their health and wellbeing. Poor environmental quality, including that of towns, countryside and beaches, also has a detrimental effect on the tourism industry in Wales, Improving the local environment to positively influence quality of life and promote sustainability is one of the challenges”. (Price, 2010)
The civilization challenge facing Wales, we all know that learning values is required to improve and The Welsh education examined by body Estyn’s newest annual statement found 40% of pupils in Wales cannot read as well as they should be able to when they reach up at secondary level. Wales Chief Inspector of Schools says that the statistic is objectionable; the latest tests for 11-year-olds in England put the corresponding form at 16%. “ Just as concerning is Wales’ ranking in international tests for 15-year-olds, Wales is lagging behind England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in reading, maths and science. Poor literacy is seen as the root of the problem. The challenge lies in knowing how to improve it”. (Smith, 2012)
The Development Trusts Association Wales (DTA Wales) is an autonomous practitioner base on association promoting the work of and underneath the rising system of development trusts in Wales. This is division of the UK large Development Trusts Association, the top group of people enterprise and rebirth system and fast increasing movement of 500 progress trusts and more than 43, with the people owned property worth £560 million. “ The Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews AM, announced in February 2011, as part of wider set of actions aimed at improving standards, the introduction of a national banding system for schools. Banding forms part of a wider range of policy actions designed to give the Welsh Government a much clearer focus on the performance and progress of Welsh schools. Banding will also help to ensure that, in partnership with local authorities/consortia we direct our support and resources most effectively where needed. In December 2012 the second year of banding results will be published” (Wales. gov. uk, n. d.). (http://wales. gov. uk/docs/dcells/publications/121212bandingfaqen. pdf).
The Flood Awareness Wales programmer aims to make sure that communities at danger of flooding know how to get ready and how to act in response through a flood incident, they work with persons, businesses, schools, farms and whole communities to increase alertness of flood risk and help people take dealings to organize. According to them work is vital as our climate remains to change and the risk of flooding increases. They say “ We can’t prevent flooding, but we can help people prepare for it”. The Jane Davidson Minister is for Environment, Sustainability and Housing is also part of food awareness, Flooding is one of the most natural hazards practiced by communities in Wales, and it is result of damaging the houses, businesses and transportation, causing loss of life, Wales already faces the important overflow and coastal risks with 170, 000 homes at risk, together with marketable and business property and considerable infrastructure. The team is wide-ranging and convincing to review of flood risk and its management as a result Wales was lucky to have runaway the most horrible of the 2007 climate there are apparent study across implications for Wales.
Community Links are voluntary groups working together in partnership between Wales and Africa, this clutches are helping to change movement for making a poverty history through inspiring their community involving Welsh civil society. They build their partnership trough exchange, learning and sharing – to broaden horizons, from constructing an understanding through global culture, to municipal projects that subsidize to the “ UN Millennium Development Goals” for poverty reduction; community links can change lives, with benefits to communities both north and south.
Social Welfare and Change Programs Health, community services drop below the administration and responsibility of the secretary of state for Wales. The Welsh Office, which works with the region and locality authorities, tactics and performs matters relating to housing, health, education, and welfare. Terrible working and living situations in the nineteenth century carried significant variations and new strategies regarding social welfare that sustained to be improved upon during the course of the twentieth century. Issues concerning healthiness care, accommodation, education, and working circumstances, joint with a high level of political activism, have fashioned a consciousness of and demand for social change programs in Wales. When it comes to health care and medicine like other regions in United Kingdom the government-funded and supported by the National Health Service. “ Poverty and hunger, The Live8 campaign in the run-up to the 2005 G8 meeting highlighted the ongoing problem of global poverty and the need for debt reduction and trade justice. More than a quarter of children under age five in poorer countries are malnourished. Poverty in Wales is discussed in relative terms to the UK rather than on a global scale”. (http://www. brass. cf. ac. uk/uploads/reports/Wales_and_Sustainable_Development_Essay_English. pdf).
The following are their Waste Awareness Wales Partnership; “ Cylch” (Wales Community Recycling Network) are the supports by delivering the state recycling operation that is managed by Waste Awareness Wales. “ Asiantaeth yr Amgylchedd Cymru Environment Agency Wales”, this is Environment Agency of Wales they are in authority by corresponding about Awareness Wales management group. “ Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus” which means Keep Wales Tidy, a group of volunteers of one organization to achieve the Clean, Safe and Tidy Wales of the community. “ Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru” which means Welsh Assembly Government, the fully funded by the welsh Government their responsibility is to give strategic and advices for campaign development to Wales management group. And the WLGA – CLILC (Welsh Local Government Association), promotes the local equality and local management in Wales they are the demonstrative for Waste Awareness Wales organization group. These are the Organizations that responsible of prepare to preserve the cleanliness and organized the environment in Wales.
Wales & West Utilities, they declare that the asset data has reduced a month ago, by the data coverage and eminence processes for 500, 000 asset administration account, as a result of firm which manages 35, 000km of gas sharing pipelines all through Wales and the South West, is fulfilling government and business agreement and authoritarian condition while ensuring public safety. Martin Malin the professional submission executive at WWU, says “ we have some 11 million records covering many thousands of assets such as gas pipes, pumps, valves and meters,” he explain that the corporation is functioning towards a five years plan to put back some $300m of metallic pipes, translating around 430km of old mains pipes per year. This software accesses to the company’s SAP-based asset depository to remove and examine information’s, such as where and when pipes were laid, how they were laid, their proportions, date and material to be construct, difficulty rating, repair history, and other data, Hence the store set by good in sequence the trillium Software System was selected, due to its built-in and extendible data quality rules, as well as its ability to provide insight into accuracy and completeness of test data out of the box.
It proves that the increasing of the fuel values and recent economic situation are putting the major numbers of populace in Wales in fuel poverty. The Welsh Government surely see this not only identifying the force of it on people lives but we are about to take crucial action with our fuel poverty strategy and scheme, Nest, it is to bring the awareness with the outlay on the most incompetent housing stock in Wales and to those people who are in their struggles to pay their energy bills and heat their houses.


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