Farming transition

Social Forces and Cultural factors Influencing Farming Transition Social Forces and Cultural factors Influencing Farming Transition
Agriculture is the root of any country that wants to prosper on the grounds of its natural resources. There is no doubt in the fact that culture does impact the agricultural prosperity of a country. The article, ” Social Forces and Cultural factors Influencing Farming Transition” by Shoshanah Inwood explains that agriculture and farming techniques are variable from region to region and are also influenced by the socio-economic factors which shape up the operation of the agricultural farms. Culture predominately decides the resources that are to be used and the land farming methods. This is necessary and should be kept in mind because there are multi-agricultural families and structures developed whose roots are connecting to farming from the start and it is a family trade. The article points out to the fact that farming policies and the values of farmers do matter when it comes to making sustainable development in the area and reap benefits from the agricultural industry. The author sheds light upon the fact that success in the agricultural field can be achieved through proper understanding of the impact of cultures on farming. This is because every race has a different history and heritage which further has an impact on their objectives, visions and their accessibility to farmlands. This tends to have an impact on the way that every race manages the farms owned by them.
The article describes that a wide diversity of farmers makes it more feasible to progress and gain economic benefits from the cultural farming legacies. Having a diverse farming structure does not necessarily mean that the business is bound to expand or grow in a profitable manner but can also cause a conflict in this agricultural dynamic change. It should also be noted that there is no gender equality when it comes to farming practices. Where in some cultures women are more involved than men in the trade, it might be the opposite in others. If a country needs to prosper, then the agricultural side of it should be dealt with on both federal and state levels. This ensures both sides of the party to benefit.
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