Feudalism in western europe and japan assignment

This is because vassals were basically the lords of smaller land inside of the lord’s land. All of t he peasants had to listen to the vassal, and if he wanted, he could leave his lord f he could accuse him of one of the five crimes. 4. There wasn’t much difference between the loyalty emphases in Japanese feudalism and those in the European version. Japanese was loyal till death an d the vassal would do absolutely anything for his lord, while the European vassal Is had the choice to leave their lord if the lord wasn’t good enough.

Also, the European vassal would have thought the Japanese vassal in the Tale of the Hike was insane because he fought till death, only for his lord. Additionally, t Japanese vassal would think the Magna Cart was unnecessary because they shouldn’t need a document to enforce their loyalty to their lord. Western Europe and Japan have such similar political systems because the boo the evolved from the earliest form of governing, feudalism. They both have lords, who control the the vassals, who control the peasants. 2.

A Confucian Bureaucrat would not like feudalism. This is because he is use to being in charge, but with feudalism, he has to obey the lords and vassals. He would criticize it on the grounds of paying the vassals for protection. However believe that the bureaucrat would prefer his own feudalism over the western version because he would prefer to follow the Confucian laws. 3. There are still some remnants of feudalism in Western Europe today, but there are only a few. There is currently a Queen that rules over everything.

There AR also “ lords” that vote for their area. The “ lords” are basically all of the other lit countries that are in Western Europe. Also, in Japan, some people argue that some aspects of feudalism are still helpful. This is because there are tons of people in Japan and it would be easier to control them with “ lords”. 4. Western feudal elites would not do very well with the idea of parliament. They would not like how all the power is evenly distributed. The feudal elites would basically lose all of their power.

On the other hand, other elites that advised t king as a feudal lord would be happy about parliament because they would g more power. This would be difficult in Japan because of the the caste system. Nobody in Japan would ever share the same amount of power, and so the ROR ads would never be equal to the emperor. 5. The feudal system was ruled by a system of monarchs and lords. Kings lent la ND to lords and vassals who had serfs farm the land for them. Most modern governments are determined by election and representatives for all people.