Finding work that matters in the second half of life

The love for her people connotes aspects of growth and positive transformation. Bingham realizes that California and Massachusetts were deregulating electricity. Because she loves people, Bingham views it as an opportunity to educate them about how the generation of electricity takes place (Freedman, 2007).
Diachronic vision
Sally sees her past life as having been more challenging and difficult to live. She admits having had many challenges in trying to sort out what was right for her. In the present, she is making differences in the environment, which she views as being divine. The challenges she experienced and sorted taught her always to keep her heart open to any future challenge. The experience makes her view her future to be more comfortable and challenge free as she has learned to embrace and term any challenge as an adventure (Freedman, 2007).
Sociological imagination
Culture greatly influence Sallys social role as a wife and mother. After high school, she opted for marriage as the norm of her society in order to become a mother and a wife. Her husband has a decent job, she in effect sees herself as not needing a job since it was the husband’s cultural responsibility to provide for them( Freedman, 2007).