Flaws of the religion of scientology

Established by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion that adheres to a long tradition of various practices in religion. Through the deepest aspirations and beliefs, religion of Scientology has been able to encompass religious heritage from as old as 50, 000 years. Whilst proposing for a workable technology for enhancing happiness as well as increased spiritual existence, Scientology religion has isolated fundamental laws of life. This makes the first flaw within the Scientology religion. Every religion developed earlier attempted to provide analysis and reasons for some fundamental laws of life, which are ignored within Scientology religion.
While under the care of the Flag Service Organization (FSO), which is a branch of the Scientology Church, Lisa McPherson passed on after being neglected on the basis of religion. Every religion should struggle to give life but for the religion of Scientology, that is not the case. The religion of Scientology does not only rip off but is also anti-psychiatry.
In order to share a gospel of Jesus Christ with a believer of Scientology, there is a need to invoke the application of the existence of human beings and other creatures. It is important to begin by outlining how the world came to be making such a believer accept the presence of some supernatural powers that led to the creation of the earth, heaven, and all that is within the earth. Once the believer is convinced of such existence, it becomes easier to share with him/her the gospel of Jesus Christ from the perspective of the existence of supernatural power.