Flyboys analysis assignment

Flyboys Extra Credit Assignment The movie Flyboys, where American men volunteer for the Lafayette Escadrille and become the country’s first fighter pilots, takes place during the historical time period of World War One. The year is 1917 and France needs help in the war. These brave men decide to not wait on the United States to enter the war and jump at the chance to shoot down some Germans. The pilots go through many trials and tribulations while serving the Allies. They face fear, loss, love, and brotherhood all while trying to stay sane and alive.

The pilots of Flyboys all portray very different personalities. There’s the snotty rich kid, the farm boy who finds love and is also bound to emerge as the leader, and the guy thrusted into the war because he wants to live up to his family’s legacy and join the ranks of military heroes. There is also the outcaste who can’t shoot straight, the religious guy who trusts that everything is in God’s hands, and the lone African American escaping from racism in the United States by taking off for France. These men all show immense amounts of bravery even when some are lost along the way.

This movie is based on a true story about the historical events of that time. Many men in America during World War One were impatient on the United State’s refusal to enter into the war, so they would go to Europe and Canada to enlist in their armies to fight against the German power. A group of these men actually enlisted into the Lafayette Escadrille where they signed up to fight against the Germans even when they knew that the average life-span for a fighter pilot was 3-6 weeks. The bravery and commitment to fight for democracy was very much so real from these fighter pilots and many risked their lives to do so.