Freaks and geeks (themes)

Freaks and Geeks: Pilot Episode Evaluation Persuasive Paragraph There are many media elements that can depict the cliques that existed once in high school, as they are now distant stereotypes. The television show “ Freaks & Geeks” has been enhanced by the usage of media elements, hence allowing the cliques to be easily seen by viewers. Firstly, the lighting is an element that truly differentiates the cliques that have been formed based on a stereotypical format. For example, the lighting used in the beginning of the show by the filmmaker really shows the differences of levels on the high schoolfoodchain.

The filmmaker starts the show off by showing the typical jock and cheerleader relationships, the highest of the food chain, with bright lighting and open spaces (Appatow 1999). Then the lighting suddenly changes to underneath the benches in a dark and secluded, yet rebellious hang out place for the Freaks (Appatow 1999). Hence, allowing the viewers to see the automatic difference between the two stereotypical levels. Secondly, the next element that enhance the cliques formed in the show would have to be the musical involvement.

Judd Appatow, the filmmaker, chooses songs that perfectly reflect the behaviour, personality, and likes of the different groups. The filmmaker chooses to play the individual; yet different songs in the beginning to allow the viewers to figure out that there are differences in each clique. In the beginning the Freaks are shown listening to songs like “ Running with the Devil” by Van Halen (Appatow 1999), and the Geeks being represented by the song “ I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins (Appatow 1999). This helps the viewer attain a better understanding of the groups.

Lastly, the use of showing conflict and suspense too, truly show the difference between the cliques. The filmmaker, Judd Appatow, switches scenes which show the split focuses of conflict. Showing the viewer that more than one conflict scenario appears in the show. Judd Appatow switches scenes from the geeky life of Lindsay Weir’s younger brother Sam, and the problems he faces with bullies and crushes (Appatow 1999). Then, switches to Lindsay’s constant battle with her old life and the new life she created for herself (Appatow 1999). This builds up the suspense by giving the viewers even more conflict to keep them on the edge of their chairs.

By throwing more conflicts in the path of the two major characters, the viewers will remain interested, and the suspense of the decisions made by their characters keep the viewers wanting more. As a result, the uses of media elements not only enhance the overall appearance of the show, but also help the understanding of the viewer in depicting the ‘ cliques’ of the school. Works Cited: “ Freaks and Geeks”. Dir. Judd Appatow. Perf. Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, James Franco, Samm Levine, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Becky Ann Baker, Joe Flaherty, Busy Philipps, Sarah Hagan. Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), 1999. DVD.