Free book review about panopticon in edwidge danticat’s the farming of bones

The book “ The Farming of bones” by Edwidge Danticat is about two lovers Amabelle Desir and Sebastian Onius. The story is based on true facts from a true account that existed long time ago. Edwidge Danticat researched all the incidents and used panopticon ideas to put them clear from a given perspective. Panopticon is defined as a building especially in prison or library which enables one person overlook all places from one perspective. Panoption idea may be viewed the ideas that 6 million people were captured in one single photograph. This reflected the war that claimed 6 million people just in a small duration. The author uses Anabelle and Sebastian to reflect on this mass killing as they present all the incidents that happened to the victims of this war (Kaussen 220).
Panopticon concept may also be viewed in the scenario which takes place in Amabelle’s little house where Sebastien tells her lover to take off her clothes and urge her to be herself. This is because with the uniform she wears, she seems to be someone else and thus impossible to recognize her true identity. Sabastien goes ahead to sit outside, far from the lantern light in the shadow in a move to teach Amabelle to always sense his presence throughout even if she cannot see him (Danticat 5).
When Amabelle visits the waterfall, the reader is able to see through her on how water it separated her from the parents as well as causing much agony into her life. When she water, it serves as the perfect image on how it provides access to other worlds.

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