Free essay about migration

When the friction of distance is zero, the quantity/quality and distance between two areas shall not be a consideration in making choices. The cost of the item in consideration shall be deemed to be evenly distributed within the region. This is because there shall be minimum cost between the two areas.
Migration increases the population of the destination. It has reduction effect on the origin. The United States of America has been experiencing population growth due to the high numbers of immigrants from many parts of the world.
In definition of migration, difficulties arise on the part of population that can be defined as been migrants. There are those who are in short visits ranging from 1 year to 10 years who may be studying in different locations other than their original homeland. Secondly there are those who visit relatives and stay for long periods of time and finally those who are refugees in different parts of the world.
There push factors and pull factors in the larger Chinese interior and the coastal region respectively. Migration can have negative effects in both the origin and the destination. Other economic activities like farming and industrial development can negatively be affected in the origin while the destinations experience a rapid population growth that is more than the economic growth and/or supply of services by the government, hence the need to control the migration. The side effects of this controlled migration can be slower rate of growth in the coastal region due to lower number of investors from the other parts of china.
My family moved from the rural setup to a town setup. The rural area was too harsh in terms of water supply, electricity, good schools among others. The pull factor was the good facilities available in the town as entertainment, schools, infrastructure, and others.
Rural-urban migration in developed countries has the push factors like few entertainment places, wages, and infrastructure found in the rural areas. The pull factors are the numerous entertainment facilities, infrastructure and higher wages in the urban centres. The congestion and pollution in the urban areas also push people to move to the quitter and less polluted rural areas.
Scale is used to accurately present the data on migration. The scale can also be used to predict the trend in migration in the near future. Scales also show the population densities and differences in the region of origin and the destinations.


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