Free essay about society

Different societies differ in way they uphold certain values in the society. There are some that disregard educating the girl child while others advocate for equality for all. Some of the features to be identified with a just society would be; provision of social amenities, better health care and quality education. When a community embraces the above attributes, it is able to grow economically and socially (Ogundọwọle, E. 2004). The leaders should take it upon themselves to facilitate equal distribution of the natural resource. It can guarantee this by providing free or subsidized health care facilities.
Economic equality should be emphasized on everyone without favoritism. Discrimination in the distribution of wealth not only affects the sidelined group, but also the community as a whole. Inequalities in all fields bring about slow economic growth that leads to poor living standards of the citizens. The social political philosophy of Marxism is discussed as follows.
Marxism theory is used to define the society on the basis of the classes they hold in the communities. The theory promoted capitalism where the rich would remain in their status, while the poor remained poor. The theory was capitalism based. However, by using it, the rich could be encouraged to share with the poor people in the society so as to help in the reduction of the difference between the rich and the poor.
The societal and economic conditions in the U. S vary depending on the individual. U. S encourages capitalism thus; flaring the rift found between the affluent and the underprivileged. The poor do not have access to quality education while the vision is to provide equality in the qualities of education (Ogundọwọle, E. 2004). The income should be equally distributed in the U. S. but this has not yet occurred because salaries depend on the level of education one has.. Nevertheless, political philosophy is concerned with legislation and governing of the state. It ensures the free flow of government activities without being concerned on the values that should be upheld in the societies. All they care is the protection of human rights against any infringement by an individual.


Ogundọwọle, E. K. (2004). Philosophy and society. Lagos: Correct Counsels.