Free essay about speaker reaction paper

The presentation of Marty Briggs at the University was about his life events from childhood. Mr. Marty Briggs is inspiring in many ways as he started worrying about the future at very young age. He started dreaming big and struggled hard for his better future. His communication skills, knowledge, and struggle, made him achieve whatever he is today. Mr. Briggs speech was related with many theories and one of the theories that I liked the most is employee motivation where Mr. Briggs said that ‘ You got to know your people, you got to know who their mom and dad are, and who their brothers and sisters are. This line was the most inspiring and it also relates with the employee motivation theory as the person after knowing the employees family can motivate and enhance his capabilities towards his work.
The story of Mr. Marty Briggs is inspiring to a student in a many great ways. At a very young age of 10, Marty Briggs said, “ He would watch TV where broadcaster appears with finest clothes and beautiful girls around them. It is very unusual for a person of this age to worry about his future and keep an eye on the future opportunities. But Mr. Marty Briggs would imagine what kind of life a broadcaster would be living where he is offered a good salary and finest clothes and he appears with the beautiful girls on the TV.
In my opinion, the story of Mr. Marty Briggs where he gets a job at a radio station is very interesting. It is very unusual to get a job at a radio station when a person does not have enough experience. Mr. Marty Briggs said, “ He went to a radio station where a broadcaster offered him a job when he was only eighteen, and he had no work experience in the field”. But Mr. Marty Briggs managed it somehow and he enjoyed that job very much. The job was to manage the switches in a radio station as there used to be manual setting at that time. He mentioned, “ I worked three days a week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to 9”. He did that job for three years while he was in college.
I suppose that the story of Mr. Marty Briggs tells us that real success lies somewhere in a struggle. To be a manager and manage people one needs to motivate employee for their betterment. The struggle is the one main key to success as Mr. Marty Briggs started his struggle from a very young age of 10 and by the struggle he has been able to overcome the obstacles he faced in his life. He got motivated by watching a broadcaster on TV and decided to pursue and struggle for his big dreams and he also decided to motivate his employees by knowing them at their best.
I think that Mr. Marty Briggs inspires us in many ways, and one of them is his communication skills that he acquires. Mr. Marty Briggs is an effective communicator when it comes to convincing someone that I think is one of the most powerful things that I have come to know about him. Communication skills are the key that he can be a true marketer, a fine dealer, and a real estate agent. These qualities that Mr. Marty Briggs acquires are only the result of his continuous struggle.
It was inspiring for me to hear that Mr. Marty Briggs not only possess communication skills but he also embraces risks. He changed several jobs not for making money but for learning even when the salary was lower compared with the job he was already doing. From the story of Mr. Marty Briggs, I have learned that success is the result of a struggle. One needs to have passion and love for the dreams to be successful.