Free essay on letter to culinary school director

The GPA has indicated that there is a need to improve my academic studies. All that I have achieved has been due to the many diverse efforts in gathering materials related to my course study. I have been studying as well as working within my course-study which has played a great role in my career. Working at Wei-Chan U. S. A. on a part time bases and on the same time going to Cal State Long Beach to learn the practices did not interfere with my last semester studies in Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena, which is proved by the scores attained. I have become aware of the fact that my career course requires one to access many diverse practices which are offered in different hotels. Even as I make efforts to work and practice in various hotel institutions offering diverse experiences, the GPA outcome provided evidence that there are more areas within my course study which I need to explore.
In my effort to explore on areas which will have an input to my course study, I found a hotel in Taiwan by name “ The Paris 1930” a bona fide well-structured dining French restaurant. While in Taiwan, I will have a chance to attend “ Chinese Culinary” classes whereby I will gather knowledge on how to prepare Chinese.
“ The Paris 1930” offers specials among others ‘ Seasonal Menu’, ‘ French Delicacies’ and ‘ Aged Beef Steak’. The skills and expertise of ‘ chef de cuisine’ who works in this hotel makes the restaurant one of many exquisite hotels in Taiwan. Listed are some of his expertise and brief notes.
Fine Dining: Classifications of hotels is based upon the menu approach, the scheme, charges and the manner in which services are offered to the customers. The mentioned chef has what it takes to certify this experience.
Menu Development: A list of choice food offered in a hotel is listed and categorized in a design that details precisely convey the message. This exposes a customer to a variety of choices instead of taking what could commonly be offered in hotel tables.
Cuisine: Certain cultures have a cooking style according to their geographical region. This one cooking art from Latin is practiced in this hotel by this chef, an experience I wish to upload by working with him.
Hospitality Management: This educational learning in the hospitality industry covers a wide group of fields within the service industry. Hotels like “ The Paris 1930” has what it takes to the satisfaction of its customers in its lodges, restaurants arrangements, planned events, subject matter parks. chef de cuisine’ has a lot of input to this effect.
Banquets: Large gathering like outside catering requires a meal well prepared and knowledge of main classes and desserts which chef de cuisine enjoys.
Pre-opening: This is the skill needed to lay the groundwork in preparation to a new hotel which requires individual resource recruitment in order to set values for all the prepared purposes.
Culinary Skills: With a wide experience and practical practices in this status hotel chef de cuisine has the art of preparing many types of food, hence the purpose why his skills are applied in this hotel.
Hospitality: Customers who visits service industry have diverse practices and tastes. This hotel has what it takes to ensure service delivery, one has to practice hospitality.
Food & Beverage: Qualified Chefs services in hotels must be in possession of specialized theoretical art applied to the service of foods.
Restaurants: These business enterprises where food or drinks are prepared and served on request to customers who pay cash in return for the services cannot deliver their services without well skilled man power vested in a chef.
Chef Christophe Buffille has worldly experience having travelled widely exercising his career capabilities. During his chef duties and working in a number of kitchens across the area administered by a lot of gifted master chefs for scores of years, he acquired well-built Southern French heredity. With a zeal for culinary distinction, he secured a vacancy with the Carl Gustaf Hotel. In United Kingdom he worked at Brasserie de Luxe and later joined Gulf Air as In-flight chef and it was in his tenure that his services helped the carrier to maintain the award for “ Best First Class Onboard Catering”.
This widely travelled chef has a lot to be learnt from him which will have a great impact in my effort to upgrading my GPA. Hands on practices play a vital role in developing any person’s career. I have the passion and an opportunity to excel which will be supported by real experience with this chef.
Alongside working with the mentioned chef in the “ The Landis Taipei Paris 1930 Restaurant”, I have prepared myself to join Chinese Culinary classes offered by the best Hong Kong chefs during my free times. With instructors’ experiences, I will explore foods like, Dimsum, Peking Duck, Din Tai Fung dumplings, Short order, Vegetarian dishes, roasting among others. Other areas of interest will be Taiwanese street food. All chances of my career development will be explored.


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