Free essay on party politics and elections of india

Party Politics of India and Election of India

Large political parties get segmented into competing factions that wish to gain control and entry to the elite in the party. It may seem advantageous, as opposition within the same party places proper performance checks on leaders. However, this may lead co-workers to make efforts to demean colleagues of the same party and cause high degrees of competition and spending, with party factions dissolving, reforming or forming rival coalitions. These activities bring out no perceivable gain to the general masses. Faction leaders aim only at gain or maintain control, losing sight of the general sense of duty towards civic responsibilities.
India has witnessed this phenomenon very frequently. Generally speaking, undemocratically functioning political parties seem highly irrelevant in a scenario that requires consensus of opinion for all the public issues. The Indian democracy is a highly complex system owing to variations of a great number of differences in people, including religion, culture, language etc., requiring political parties to work in a fashion so that all these groups may reach a level of satisfaction towards the administration. A practise that promotes an individualists approach towards governance, control, and the profits that such a control may deliver, leaves a leader no time or intention to implement democracy. This ends is general dissatisfaction of the masses, very slow development and short sighted implementations of policies. The result is evident from the fact that recent trends have shown resentment amongst the people towards the ruling parties on almost all aspects of their governance and has created an opinion that such parties are detrimental for the general health and working of democracy.


It may be concluded that undemocratic organization of political parties is unsuitable for the Indian democracy, and that existence of these parties has caused a general state of weakness in the its democratic functioning.