Free essay on target market segment

Market segment refers to group of individuals who posses same needs as well as choices (Jobber 20). Mountain dew is segmented primarily based on lifestyle and demography within a market of extreme sports and adventurer. Mountain dew targets young executives and college students aged 12-28 years. Cold drinks are popular among this cohort and are part of their lifestyle. They target lifestyle of their customers as reflected within their advertisements.

Product Line

The concept Market Mix was initially designed to explain the correct combination, in a definite set of conditions, of the four factors which are the core of a marketing plan of a product (Jobber 21). Marketing Dew exists in different volumes and sizes and includes 200ml, 250ml, 300ml and 1. 5 lt. There are five product lines in Mountain dew which include quenching thirst as the core benefit, carbonated water as a basic product, soft drink which offers more energy as expected product, providing more energy as well as taste as an augmented product, and modifying the usual bottle shape into innovative and different way to attract youth as a potential product.


There is no focus on income levels since the targeted customers may easily buy the product. The company charge standard price based on volume, besides, income levels are not significant as other competitors charge similar price of their alternatives. The pricing aim of mountain dew is for survival due to stiff competition within the sector (Nickels 12).


Mountain dew has an intensive network of supply channel for its products. Because of this, it exists in all supermarkets, large retail stores, and departmental stores. There may be 0-5 levels of agents within the supply chain before a product get to the final consumer.


Mountain dew uses various kinds of media including TV, internet, radio, and newspaper. The most attractive advertisement of mountain dew has tag line cheetah where it aims their target consumer by displaying a fight with leopard for dew. This advertisement is appropriate as it illustrates fearlessness and daredevil. In addition, there is an advertisement displaying a man fighting a long horny creature for dew. This indicates hardiness nature as well as how powerful the dew is by tag line of Do the Dew.

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