Free essay on the league of extraordinary gentlemen

The first member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is Captain Nemo. His character was commonly known and associated with his prowess as an inventor; since he creatively designed the Nautilus, a gigantic underwater ship. He had already been previously known through adventures in Disney cartoons and in a novel entitled Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, known to have been written by Jules Verne. He was actually originally known as an Indian Prince, named Prince Dakkar; and had allegedly detested English dominion of his country. Thus, he sank different English ships using the Nautilus and people thought it was the work of a sea monster. In the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, his was known to have extraordinary powers which included his skills in gadgets, in designs, in being a marksman and swordsman, as well as in enabling warfare through unarmed combat.
Another member, The Invisible Man, whose real name was actually Hawley Griffin, was known to have been presented in the novel entitled The Invisible Man written by H. G. Wells. His invisibility was apparently a result of his work as a physicist and almost cost him his sanity. He was allegedly contracted by the British government to work for them as an agent. His power of invisibility proves to be useful in prying over enemy locations and in being virtually undetected. In the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the story depicted only one member, Mr. Edward Hyde, who could detect him, despite his being invisible, through Mr. Hyde’s apparent power and ability of seeing in infra-red.
The third member, then, The Honourable Mr. Hyde, was also famously known through the old novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson, entitled The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; where apparently, Mr. Hyde is the evil product of Dr. Jekyll’s experimentation of himself which ultimately produced a separation of good and evil. In the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Edward Hyde was apparently recruited as a government agent whose mission, together with the others, was to recover the stolen Cavorite, reportedly a mineral that defies gravity. Likewise, his evil persona, evident super strength, and ability of seeing in infra-red made Edward Hyde’s powers helpful in their missions.
Concurrently, Allan Quatermain, was originally portrayed as an adventurer and extraordinary hunter who opted to live in recluse in Egypt and apparently got to be addicted to opium. His character was originally known to be emerged in King Solomon’s Mines and his exemplary skills of being an adventurer and hunter was apparently needed to complete the members sought in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Finally, Wilhelmina Murray was noted to be the leader in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen who sought the abovementioned members for the identified mission. Her powers was actually analogous to being a vampire, although the story noted that her transformations were not complete. As such, she was depicted to possess super strengths, could heal easily, could not be hurt by traditional weapons, and could move in great speed.
These members could be evaluated in terms of sharing extraordinary powers, as above stated. Likewise, there is an innate skill that each of the member exemplify making them distinct; yet, by working with other team members, are instrumental in fulfilling the defined mission. Also, despite manifesting innate courage and extraordinary skills or abilities, these members apparently exhibited some forms of isolation, confronted unconventional challenges, and had encountered distinct transformations in their respective lives. They were also currently living alone, at the time of the recruitment, which make them able to move at ease and without having to take into consideration any loved one that could be affected by their actions.