Free memory and forgetting in the odyssey essay example

There are numerous subjects of memory and overlooking or forgetting in the realm of ” The Odyssey”. Both have massive impact on the storyline and events. To say which is more imperative is easy to contradict. Some contentions indicate how in a few cases one is superior to the next, yet despite the fact that there may be occasions where disregarding may have been more gainful, memory is more significant as it relates to the primary characters Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus.
At the time of the Odyssey, Greek men went into fight as they needed to be celebrated for their offering and be recalled for eternity. This is particularly accurate in the case of the protagonist – Odysseus. When he was ensnared on the island of Ogygia by Calypso, Odysseus was sheltered from the fierceness of Poseidon, he could choose to become an immortal and live forever in the company of Calypso, an eternal Goddess. However, Odysseus refused to accept the offer that would have tempted even men of strong resolve. Instead, he says that that all he wants of to return home to his land (Homer, Odyssey, 8: 230-235).
Calypso had been confident that such a magnificent offer had the power to make him disregard Ithaca, yet it did not. On the contrary, his longing to leave was monstrous. Odysseus’ could have lived happier and might even had a less dangerous voyage on his way home if the memory of his wife and child had not prevented him from giving in to this massive temptation (Homer, Odyssey, 9: 260-275).
It is true, when you have an incredible affection for somebody or something it might never be overlooked. Both Penelope and Odysseus show the imperativeness of memory all around The Odyssey again and again. The subject of memory and forgetting does not demonstrate just love between Penelope and Odysseus additionally an imperative rule in the upkeep of the right social connections.
Penelope tells the artist Phemios that she would like to hear the melody that she is singing. The melody carries ache to Penelope’s heart and makes her remember her ” unforgotten love”. Whenever Penelope is made to remember Odysseus, she gets exceptionally appalled and begins to sob for the love she has lost. In the book, we are being indicated the adoration Penelope has for Odysseus. A regular melody strikes Penelope right in the heart and makes her to remember Odysseus. (Homer, Odyssey, 10: 290-310)
However, not everyone is able to observe the truth about Penelope’s remembrance of her husband. As the speech by Athena reveals, people believe that Penelop wants to get married to one of the suitors and bear him children, while she has forgotten completely about the husband who still lives and the children that she has borne him (Homer, Odyssey, 11: 315-325). This speech from Athene depicts the general characteristics of the ladies who have either lost their husbands in battle or had been separated from their husbands due to several reasons. She even expects Odysseus to simply select another woman from his serving women to take care of his house until he finds himself an ‘ honorable’ wife (Homer, Odyssey, 11: 315-325). This reveals that Penelope is perceived to have forgotten Odysseus and is deemed to be dishonorable, although quite the opposite is true.
Penelope is unable to express or articulate her broken heart at being separated from her beloved husband for such a long time. However, had she truly forgotten her love for Odysseus, she could have married one of the many suitors filling her house and could have inadvertently disposed Odysseus from the throne of Ithaca even though he lived. However, despite being surrounded by suitors, she still holds Odysseus in her heart and remains devoted to him. In this sense, it is particularly ironic that Odysseus, once he finally returns home, longs to journey on. His prolonged separation from his wife, his home, and his land, breaks the emotional bond that he once held for them.
In ‘ The Odyssey’, Penelope is the main character who always used to remember her lost husband. This is the reason that she is unable to marry the other suitors. If she took the courage to let go her past, her life would have been much easier. However, we can see that this is her memory that kept Odyssey alive in the mind of other people as well. Her memory allowed her son to go on a hunt for his father and finally Odyssey arrived safely to his kingdom. Our past cannot be altered hence our future should not be punished for that past. One must move on no matter what the circumstances are. One should always keep in mind that thinking about the past will prove to be a blockade for the future, as you will lack understanding, which is required to think of the path towards the future.
If you are having some issue that were left unresolved in the past, then get prepared to solve them now or else it will haunt you for a lifetime. It is true that a person is unwilling to visit the past as it holds some daunting memories, but, if you allow your mind to think about the same all the time, then it will surely dominate you. Prepare for the challenge, take a grip on your past and move on.
If you are thinking of some mishap that happened in the past, then it will ruin your future. Accepting the change is the best way that will block your past memories. It is an obvious fact that you cannot rewrite which has already happened, but your perception towards it will surely change the facts that will lay an impact over your life. If you were responsible for some mishap in an unconditional way, then there are people who will taunt you. If you know that you were not wrong at that time, then surely you will be able to wedge the point of view of others in a better manner. If you do not respect the opinion of such people, it will work as a healing factor for you by which you will be able to think in a positive manner about your life.
There will be people who will not respect you because of something that you did in the past. However, for seeing a new light in your life, always be grateful to your family and friends who supported you and helped you in overcrowding the past from your life to see a new beginning. If you are thinking about your past, then there will be some triggers, which will hamper your growth. Therefore, you should untie yourself, untwist the ringlets of your persona, and be what you actually are. Once you keep away the bad memories out of your mind, novel ideas would emerge that will help you stimulate.
As a person, you should not let your past control your present and future. All are human beings and it is natural to make mistakes, but it does not mean that we should stop taking risks in life. If you plan to chuck out the bad memories/ past from your life, then you will have a better control on your life with loads of positive attitude and firmness to attain your targets. Take the bad memories or past as stepping-stone or rather a platform of experience as it will help you in not repeating that same mistake again.
If you put together the facts that you cannot change what is done and you do not have control what is about to happen, then you will always have a positive attitude in life which will help you to grow and sustain in life. By having such attitude in life, you will feel more responsible and the fear of your past will be eradicated with ease. Although it has been good to forget the past if you really want your present and future to be swell shaped, sometimes memories keep you connected with your loved ones. As in ‘ The Odyssey’, Telemachus, Odysseus and Penelope were connected with each other through their memories. Penelope had not married to other suitors because she was not over with Odysseus and her vulnerable condition forced her son to go and find his father.

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