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One of the parts that one can recognise in the film is mid-town Manhattan. The Chrysler building can be recognized. One of the differences that one notices in the film is the lack of light during the night, especially the parts it shows Wall Street. New York City in the 21st century is full of lights, the streets are full of lights and seems as though the city never sleeps. However, one can spot a similarity in the morning and evening haste to get to the train terminus in order to go home or to get to work.
The feeling that one can identify or associate to the urban landscape that is presented in the film is insecurity and a sense of hard work. However, insecurity is one of the feelings that are more associated with the setting of the film.
The theme and mood cause the feeling of insecurity portrayed in the film. The theme of the story is about a girl who was killed by her own fellow thieves. Throughout the film, one can sense a feeling of insecurity, and as the movie ends one can sense the feeling of betrayal by friends’ lovers and associates.
The setting of the film talks a lot about New York after world war two. First, one can conclusively conclude that the city was not affected by the war, in that, the buildings still stand erect. No signs of the war can be seen in the city. In addition, one can also see that the city had many opportunities to offer after the war ended.
Many things are different on this film; first, most of the script is narrated by a third person voice. Second, the lack of colour seems to take away the texture in the film. Although, at the time, it was short it could have passed for an action flick, it seems to slow for an action movie.