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Lack of effective communication between

Nursing staff and the therapy providers
Inappropriate communication practices between nursing staff and therapy providers have been identified as an emerging concern in my clinical practicum environment. Effective communication among professionals within departments is essential for maintaining a healthy industrial climate. Above all it ensures excellent patient outcomes, which is the goal of all the professions represented on the healthcare team. Studies conducted by the Joint Commission have identified ineffective communication among team members and departments as the most frequent root cause of sentinel events (Joint Commission, 2012). I would like to explore this very important topic as a means of improving communication in this practice setting. Thanks.

Fatimah Johnson.

Lack of effective communication between

Nursing staff and the therapy providers
Communication is a concept that denotes transmitting information through thoughts, words, visual aids; books, body language or gestures. In nursing practice it is most essential since interpersonal relationships forms the theoretical premise for all interactions between client/nurse and nurse/nurse/therapists/doctors in the clinical setting.
This proposal seeks to apply concepts related to interpersonal relationships as espoused by Hildegard Peplau (1999) towards improving interpersonal relationship communication skills among staff members in my unit.

Theoretical Application

Interpersonal relationship theory embraces four major assumptions. They surround the concepts orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution. Orientation involves the getting acquainted phase of the relationship. At this phase preconceptions are clarified; boundaries of interaction are established; some degree of trust is enacted and roles justified. During identification bounding occurs; exploitation requires acknowledging mutual interdependency for the common good and resolution is cordial ending of the relationships when goals are met (Peterson, 2009).


Education Forum Workshop Proposal
A conclusion will evaluate each segment of the intervention weekly. An assessment of whether there are any signs of improvement to either adjust or change the intervention will be considered.


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