Free united states bill of rights essay sample

The idea of adding the ten amendments to the U. S. Constitution is noble. This is because the constitution of the United States is a rigid document that does not change with the evolving dynamics of society. The constitution of the United States was formulated at a time where the rights of particular segments of society like slaves were overlooked by the drafters of the constitution. As a new nation, a segment of United States’ politicians were anti-federalists. These politicians felt that all powers should not reign with the federal government but should be reserved to the states. Therefore, the ten amendments were vital because they accommodated the concerns of the antifederalists and reserved the powers that were not spelt out in the U. S. Constitution to the states.
In terms of the importance of the ten amendments, the most important amendment was the tenth amendment. This is because this amendment gave assurance to the antifederalists that indeed the powers of the states were to be preserved and cherished. It is important to understand that the United States was initially a confederacy, which gave power to the states. Therefore the tenth amendment is the most important. The least important amendment was the third amendment. This is because most of the politicians were in agreement that soldiers were not supposed to be in private homes. Therefore, the third amendment was the least contentious of the ten amendments. The first amendment ranks third because it expresses the separation of church and states. It lays out a structure of government that is free from the influence of the church. This is contrary to the British monarchy that was highly influenced by the church. The fourth important is the second amendment because it protects the citizenry from the federal government in case the government turned tyrannical. Right to bear arms gives the citizenry the ability to protect themselves. The fourth, five, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth amendments carry the same weight because they talk about the need for an impartial judicial process.