Freedom writers institute

Now that you have finished viewing the film, you will do the following: You are going to compose a thoughtful reflection paper. This paper will incorporate the following items; you may include them in whatever order you prefer. Reflection Items: Simply respond to the film as a whole on an ” emotional” level. What did you feel and think as the movie played? What emotions came to life? Did the film evoke memories or situations you could relate to? Etc. , Etc. Etc. Identify a variety of the problems that were faced by the students, the teacher and he community.

Identify a variety of solutions that were attempted to deal with the problems. What did you think of those solutions? Were they creative? WSDL they be workable in a school like ours? What elements in the film could you identify with? How? This could be ” personally’ or things you have seen in your school experiences. How do you think some of the ideas and concepts portrayed in the film could, or should, apply in a setting like CSS? How about in schools like Moot, Sterling and Cousins? WSDL the ideas work? Could they be applied? How would you see some of hose ideas implemented?

For instance, if you go to http:// www. freedomwritersfoundation. Org/, you will find information about the Freedom Writers Institute. ” The goal of the Freedom Writers Institute is to prepare teachers to use the Freedom Writer Method in order to improve the academic performance of their students. Led by Erin Gruel, with support from original Freedom Writers and other educators, the Institute is a year-long program centered on a five-day seminar designed to equip teachers with the tools they need to reach and empower their students. “

Any final thoughts, comments, opinions, ideas, etc.??? Minimum guidelines & requirements: You absolutely must have a brainstorming sheet. Include the ideas and thoughts you plan to include in your paper. Remember, it’s Just brainstorming to start. There is no proper order to write your ideas… ]just get your thoughts & ideas on paper. You may word process your paper or write it by hand. Your paper must be a minimum of 500 words. The completed paper will be worth 30 points, in addition to your Daily Class Points. Anything I may have forgotten will be included .