Gallery report

Gallery Report The Washington National Cathedral is known to be the 6th largest in the world. It has a neo-gothic aesthetic design which represents most Episcopal churches. (World Art 7) It reopened last November 12 since the August 23 earthquake. The National Gallery consists of two great buildings and is also known as one of the renowned art museums in the world. One building’s architecture is for paintings from the 13th until the 18th centuries whereas the other exhibits modern art .
In particular, The Invention of Glory: Pastrana Tapestries shows interesting play of color. A tapestry uses essential filaments intertwined into braids (Dissanayake 128). The intensity of the hues utilized portrays the intensity of the conquests of King Alfonso of Portugal. Though it was woven five centuries earlier by Flemish weavers, the distinctness represented by the value of the hues are still apparent in the featured soldiers’ details. Secondly, the Sculpture Garden showcases quite an ambience with its impressive design and horticulture splendor. The harmony of the lines in its physical structure complement the natural variety of the plants. It’s open lawns, central pool with a spouting fountain, and highlighted sculptures makes it ideal for families to enjoy visual elements of design. With the interaction of different media in an open-air atmosphere, unity is enigmatically observed. Clearly, this is an example of good art since it is unforgettable, grows in stature, and continually matures (Hoving 12). Regarding sculptures, Claude Michel’s Poetry and Music marble sculpture captures balance and content depicted by a cupid riveted by his book and another cherub enraptured by his lute’s music. Harmony between lyrics and melody is shaped in a light-hearted and delicate technique(The Collection). Generally, this tourist spot is where people of all walks of life can appreciate art in its varied impressions like love, numbers, language, and enlightenment (Raczka, 17).
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