Gay-straight alliances is public schools

GSA’s Argumentative Essay All schools have clubs and organizations that meet to allow students to discuss common interests, but very few clubs promote safety and equality for fellow peers. One type of club that does provide this sense of security and safety are Gay-Straight Alliances or GSAs. These clubs allow people of all sexual orientation and gender identification to join together to promote safety and equality. While many people believe that Gay-Straight Alliances can have a negative impact on student’s lives, in reality these organizations provide safe places for students that face bullying or harassment because they provide a community of support that can promote acceptance in schools.

There are many arguments as to why GSAs should be banned in public schools. The largest argument against these clubs in the feeling that such clubs promote unwanted feelings around the school. In their essay, Joseph Platt and David Miller explain that the purpose of a GSA is to promote homosexual feelings and activities. This thought is incorrect. According to the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) website, a GSA is “ Any club that works to make their school safer while specifically addressing anti-LGBT behavior.” This clearly defines a GSA as a force for good in the school and not one that promotes any type of homosexual behavior.

Also, 76% of students that attend schools with GSA said that they felt safe at their school opposed to 69% of students that felt safe without a GSA (casafeschools). This significant increase in student safety proves that GSAs do have a positive impact on schools. Even if only one student is able to benefit from the presence of a GSA, then the club is worth allowing. Another statement commonly made by people that do not believe GSAs should be permitted is that these clubs are not necessary because counselors are already available for discussion. Yes, while all schools have counselors that are available most hours of the day; it is also true that hearing the stories of others that have experienced the same thing as you can help you through your own situation.

In Massachusetts an article was published that explained that GSAs allow students to build a community with other LGBTQ students that can support them through troubled times. This goes to show how having peers to talk with can help students with personal dilemmas. One of the most beneficial reasons for allowing a GSA to meet in public schools is that these clubs can improve the school’s overall climate. By promoting equality for all people, these clubs can work as a force for good in the school. This force for good will only improve the school and not harm it. Clubs such as Environmental Clubs, the National Honor Society, and Anti-Bullying Clubs, and GSAs all strive to achieve the same goal.

They all hope to create a better learning environment for their fellow peers. By implementing any one of these clubs, the climate of the school will improve significantly. The most important purpose that a GSA can serve is providing a safe space for all students, but specifically LGBT students. By providing a safe environment and many resources for all LGBTQ students, the climate and overall feeling around campus has improved drastically. If students are able to benefit from a club, there is no reason to prohibit those students from meeting and forming such a supportive community.

If we intend for schools to be safe places for students where they can freely express themselves, the students must feel safe. Clubs and organizations like GSAs provide this safety and comfort and that is why they should be permitted in all public schools.