Georgia techs motto: progress and service

Georgia Tech’s Mot Progress and Service Georgia Tech’s Mot Progress and Service Progress and service encapsulate the ideals guiding Georgia Tech in achieving its mission and vision. As an aspiring student to join Georgia Tech, I will live up to this guiding principle, which is progress and service as I pursue a course in mechanic engineering. I took a gap year before settling on what to study in a college.

During my gap year, I operated as a BMW dealership as an intern after my junior. My love for cars, which begun ever since I was a child influenced my decision to work in a motor workplace. I progressed well in my assigned areas as a BMW technician. My duties included routine maintenance and assessment of problems that vehicles brought for repair had. Good communication skills were essential to great service. I gained vast experience, which I believe prepared me sufficiently to study mechanic engineering.

I once volunteered for a community service at Habitat for Humanity that operates as a non-profit organization. I also volunteered at Chattanooga Area Food Bank, where I repackaged donated food for use at food pantries. I completed coursework in web programming and ESL, which further demonstrates my academic progress. I received several awards including poetry, CMML, and skier awards.