Gift-wrapped guilt by frances stead sellers

The paper ” Gift-Wrapped Guilt by Frances Stead Sellers” is a wonderful example of a book review on English.
The left the church with a warm feeling after learning of an organization’s activities that helped maintaining lives of villagers in a different country, which is far from the author’s country and she thought of the action as noble. First, the author could not afford a pricey rug, which made her purchase cheaper handicraft. Importantly, the author purchased the handicraft in order to support traditional artisans and farmers from third world countries (Sellers).
According to Sellers, most stores are now advertising the availability of fair trade products. In effect, this appears to be the store’s approach to pitching for sales, which promoted the author to pose the question about who profiteered from the Western shopping culture.
One criticism made against the fair trade marketing movement regards the actual amount that goes to the intended people, which is a small proportion of the profits realized as claimed by critics. In addition, other critics point out that some stores adjust prices upwards since they stocked fair trade movement products. However, those in support argue that their overriding interest is participating in the noble course and buying fresh produce (Sellers). In a way, the critics have a point regarding the amount of money that reached the farmers and artisans in developing countries. In this case, the main selling point of stores dealing with fair trade products is helping these people. Therefore, stores should use most of their profits for the intended people.
One alternative that the author suggests is that we can buy the best bargains and send the money saved as a donation for charity work. Secondly, the author suggests that locally purchasing products would be one of the best options (Sellers). These two solutions are helpful, but they will not work to other people. First, good bargains are hard to come across while some people living in large cities will find it challenging to buy locally produced farm products.
Sellers thought that she had made the best decision in buying the lamb from someone she knew, and she considered the sheep as having lived a happy life with proper feeding and care. However, her vegetarian and carnivorous friends thought that it was unethical for a person to have prior knowledge of an animal they were eating (Sellers).