Gilgamesh, socrates, and malcolm x can be thought of as on quests, a search for something. what was each one’s quest and what did each discover

In Search for Things in Life It is natural for people to search for something in life. Gilgamesh, Socrates, and Malcolm X can be thought of as on quests, a search for something. The essay hereby aims to determine what each one’s quest was and what did each discover. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the main character, Gilgamesh was searching for his father, Utnapishtim for it was revealed to him that he found everlasting life (Sandars). Socrates was searching for scientific explanations (Hellenica) and for justice (Davis). In ‘ A Eulogy for a Historical Figure’, the discourse revealed that “ Socrates was in search for the meaning of life…Socrates spent his life searching for questions more than for answers” (The Ontario Curriculum 89). Finally, Malcolm X was in quest for freedom from bondage, prejudice and discrimination of African Americans through Islam (Siddiqui).
Gilgamesh discovered that there is no permanence; life ends in death. Socrates discovered that “ he does not know anything except that he does not know anything” and that “ there is no truth except that there is no truth” (The Ontario Curriculum 90). Malcolm X, finally discovered through his pilgrimage to Mecca, the true Islam. According to Tristam, Malcolm X rediscovered brotherhood and equality through abandoning racial separatism (Tristam). Their discoveries freed them from a life full of queries and ultimately led them to enlightenment and what life has in store for each of them.
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