Gillette fusion advertisement snapshot for men essay sample

Gillette Venus Vibrant Advertisement Snapshot for Women

Advertisements and commercials depend on their ability to be in touch with targeted spectators by utilizing shared frameworks, which are at the core of all types of communication that exist. In communication, advertisers must make use of dominant ideas, stereotypes and principles to ascertain that every spectator can comprehend and suitably interpret the content for a targeted demographic (Fowles 88).

Gillette Fusion Advert

Gillette Fusion advert is obviously male orientated. Its product is intended for men as the advert utilizes principles and codes stereotypically identified in society as masculine. Conventions used are familiar to both women and men, and that their impact differs according to the gender orientation of the spectator. ‘ Male’ Gillette advertisement has orthodox male markers, and it asserts the manliness of its targeted consumer group by substantiating how masculine the product is.
Two main colors employed to illustrate the act of blending within the context of the advertisement are orange and blue, none of which is mainly connected with feminity (Cook 56). Colors emerge in a circle, with one half being colored blue, and the other orange. Circle that the ‘ fusion lights’ pass through has overtones of authority, while the fixed shots used as the light shoots past are comparable to those used in the conception of the illusion of power and speed in a movie context. Lights pass through a course which might be identical to the operations in the male-orientated activity of the motor vehicle racing. Clash of different hues also gives the impression of violent adventures, and explosions, which in the Western culture, is characteristic of action movies whose devotees are usually male. Five stripes within the circle symbolize the five blades that are found on the Gillette razor. The image of the circle also bears a resemblance to the exterior surface of a rugby ball or an American football, which is a vestige of the most acclaimed sport in America. American football is a violent sport that is perceived as a staple for Male viewers.

Social and Historical Context of the Gillette Fusion Advert

‘ Fusion’ advert, which targets men, emphasizes the main technical enhancements and functionality of the merchandise, exhibiting its numerous perfections through vivid visualizations and also through its connection with authority. The name ‘ Fusion’ gives an impression of power, as do the images that are used in the advertisement. Males usually more ‘ task oriented’ in the course of communication. They find out the swiftest ways through which they can transmit the most information. Gillette Fusion advert seeks to reach its male viewers by employing these exact assumptions to reach their imaginations.

Gillette Venus Vibrant Advertisement

The Gillette Venus Vibrant commercial is apparently meant for a female audience. It makes use of a lot of brilliant ‘ feminine’ colors. In addition to the colors, the insignia for Venus materializes through lightning. Within the context of the advertisement are several references, which are both visual and audio that seem to suggest the images of recognized female deities that were identified with feminity in the ancient Greek and Roman cultures.
The picture of a woman alters into the Venus razor through utilization of visual changeovers to such a degree that the woman seems to transform into a vivid beam of light, and then into the Venus razor. The product being marketed is marked as being ‘ extremely feminine’ simply because of the use of the luminous pink color on its body. Pink is a color associated with feminity in the West as well as in other parts of the world. The western society infers through various means that smooth skin is striking in females. The images of the girl who is shaving her legs with the Venus razor, and her counterpart running her hand over the skin of her leg, are put side by side to imply that beauty is indistinguishable from smooth legs. The female model is hardly ever depicted as a fully grown human being, but is presented to the spectator as a collection of hands and legs, as though those were the only features by which she can be presumed to be human. The sequence of the woman shaving with a Venus razor then transformed into a complete female human being, implying that shaved legs can contribute to a feeling of completeness, while the Bananarama group’s song Venus plays in the backdrop.

‘ Reveal the Goddess in you’: Historical and Social Context

The pictures of the women enjoying themselves and dancing on the beach could be interpreted as pointing to definite features of Greek mythology. The sirens, who sang in the oceans to capture the attention of Greek seafarers and led them to their doom, seem somehow represented in this picture. In the Greek and Roman cultures, Venus was the goddess of love, and feminity, among other things. The words ‘ Venus Vibrance’ seem to transform into an arc of light before finally changing into the product. The final shot being of a woman, amused and joyful, with fabric draped around her so that it only wraps her front while her back remains exposed, reinforces the concept of smoothness and beauty connected with the product. In the beginning, the voiceover affirms that, “ Inside every woman there is passion and power”. This is evidenced by the lightning bolts and depictions of the girl jogging on the beach. This message seems to emphasize the socially acceptable women’s empowerment theme, without taking out the significance of remaining beautiful according to the dictates of society well.

Most Effective Advertisement

The Gillette Venus Vibrant advertisement was successful because of the time period in which it was ran. It was a constant feature on many stations as well as on the internet just before the summer season, and remained right through it. In summer, women and girls like to go to the beach in swim suits and while the time away. Swimsuits automatically mean that any hair on legs must be removed. In the Gillette Venus Vibrant advertisement, more attention was given to the smooth legs of the woman who was shaving, which meant that more attention would be paid, by the female consumers, to hair removal through the Venus razor. The advertisements for the Gillette Venus Vibrant advertisement were timely as not only would women be wanting smooth legs for beach wear, they were also likely to shave more than they usually did, probably a number of times during the week. Men, on the other hand, would retain their usual shaving schedules, even if they replaced their old razors with the new Gillette fusion razor. Additionally, there are many women who like to keep up with the latest inventions, and they can often be persuaded through constant messaging efforts. The constant playing of the Gillette Venus razor advertisement across television stations ensured that the Gillette Corporation was making the most of the chance to reach viewers who would be making decisions about shaving their legs.

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