Give comments to personal statements

Comments on Personal ment Kathryn’s choice for medicine begins with experience of the sarcoma kid whose positivity and encourages her to pursue medicine, a dream she continues high school by focusing on sports medicine. The Panama journey tests her skills on communication under culture differences, and the success prompts her to major Physiology. Through internship, she learns to develop and improve time management skills (Daft, & Marcic, 2013). The passion for medicine and individual care is the basis for her career as a Physician Assistant.
Collin’s fascination by how things work is the foundation of his career path. The fascination is the basis of his personal and career goals to major in Software Engineering. He envisions building his game development company. Collins believes his determination will be crucial in pursuing Ph. D. in either Robotics, Intelligence or Theoretical Physics (Lam, 2015). Collin’s good background education on computers will see him through his computer career. In fact, he has already been successful in developing games in high school and the recent Edrenium with positive feedbacks.
Willis Hougland’s love for Lego toys is the basis of his career given the mental development and dexterity of hands that comes with the childhood toys as evident with development of remote cars and full size cars in high school. At the University of Colorado, he majors in component design develops, and a drill powered vehicle and knowledge in software design, as well as skills on metalworking and welding, helps him in developing a contestable bike. His leadership skills are put to test when acting as Head of Manufacturing Engineering where he diagnoses problems especially poor designs (Johansen, & Johansen, 2011). Education and personal skills will undoubtedly make his goals achievable.
Kirsten Chun’s love for medicine as a career begins with early childhood experience as she watches successful x-rays by the father. Cancer experience with her mother and at the women healthcare center is also the reasons for her fascination with physiology and medicine. Therefore, she would like to contribute to the expansion of medicine knowledge. Working with women helped her develop excellent patient care skills and stresses the need for compassion (Cipolle, Strand, & Morley, 2012). She plans to get back to Hawaii and attend A. Burns Medical School and believes her diligence and affectionate personality will add to the diversity of the university community.
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