Global governance and the united nations system

Global Governance and the United Nations System
United Nations is a domicile for countries all over the globe to perform two main things. These include regulating the world governance and enhancing a neutral way of communicating among inter-countries and continents.
The enhancement of neutral communication is mostly emphasized to solve countries conflicts. Communication has been viewed as the key way to bring about peace. This is because people all over the world can negotiate and be effective and well understand. Treaties in governance are discussed and agreed on here (Rittberger, 49). These treaties involve things like; how to control pollutions, the human rights and generate the laws that impress upon the members involved. The United Nation’s overall goal is to ensure that world solutions are solved wisely to avoid problems that arise from the negligence and are united in ensuring that the world becomes a better place. Therefore, it is said that the main goal of the United Nation is a better world.
In its goals, the United Nation has received various successes and failures. Some of its successes include preventing conflicts such as world war happenings. It has ensured that the world is nuclear free (Rittberger, 50). It has ensured peace to prevail globally by carrying out many peace missions in Africa, it has ensured that peacekeeping operations and the displaced people are their main core issues.
Some of the failures that it has come across are that it has never been able to identify the democratic aspiration of the world. It resulted in the withdrawal of the US president to try to solve the domestic flights within regions in Afghanistan (Rittberger, 52). On the other hand, this did not result to be the effective way of solving the conflicts and thus, are still working on the issue.
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