Goal making in the professional world

Personal Statement
” Goal making is an essential strategy for success in the professional world. Name one career goal you have made and discuss in what ways you believe this program can help to attain that goal.”
One’s personal and professional goal is to delve into a comprehensive and progressive medical research experience, in conjunction of being provided with a medical license for direct patient interaction, intervention and treatment. At a very young age, I have recognized an innate passion and drive to become a physician. This goal has presented the opportunities for fulfillment through Touro University’s Master of Science in Medical Health Sciences (MSMHS) program. A closer evaluation of the university’s mission, stated as “ The Master of Science in Medical Health Sciences prepares students for a successful career in the medical profession by enhancing their knowledge in the basic sciences and by providing an opportunity for intensive engagement in academic research” [Tou05] made one realize the compatibility in thrust and commitment to develop the appropriate theoretical framework for the profession and to propagate enthusiasm in medical research.
I realized that the medical profession faces vast challenges in terms of preparing aspiring physicians to be holistically equipped through the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities. The MSMHS program is deemed the most appropriate vehicle that provides interdisciplinary approach to learning the medical profession. The opportunity accorded in offering courses that share parallel modules with the medical school is considered a good training for theoretical framework that would form the basic background needed for the endeavor.
I have always envisioned myself as directly and instrumentally contributing to the welfare and wellbeing of others in need. Aside from one’s genuine interest in exploring various medical interests through extensive and comprehensive research, I am really determined to be directly involved in patient care. I look forward to the opportunities to diagnose patients and provide the appropriate interventions to improve their health conditions. Through continuous research in medicine, future breakthroughs would hopefully prolong people’s quality of life and ultimately end dreaded illnesses and afflictions. I therefore look forward to being immersed and engaged in a research program that would significantly improve health and address diseases.
My strategy is to motivate oneself through focusing on the benefits and rewards of the profession; rather than dwelling on the trials and challenges. I am determined to face to the rigorous demands of the Master of Science in Medical Education and to successfully complete it. The explicit identification of one’s career goal is the first step in recognizing one’s ultimate dream and desire in life. Touro University’s approval of my admission application would provide the link in enabling me to fulfill this goal and make it a reality.
Through the identification of clear and explicit statement of one’s career goal, I strongly believe that Touro University would be the most appropriate academic institution which would create the conducive learning environment for goal attainment. The preparatory stage that would be provided prior to entrance and full immersion into medical school atmosphere are the necessary prerequisiteswhich, in turn, determine one’s ultimate commitment to the program. The various learning support through the faculty, course works, research internship and the basic theoretical framework would prepare me to pursue future programs, to validate my interest and goal of becoming a licensed physician in the near future.
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