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Book Review # 1: The Boston Tea Party: The Foundations of Revolution

The Boston Tea Party: the Foundations of Revolution is a book by James M. Volo. The book was published in 2012 at Westport, United States of America by Praeger Publishers Inc. The book is related to Regional History Genre and provides an exciting and enthralling synopsis of the Boston Tea Party. The vast majority of American people have hostile feelings regarding the extensive industrial aid and rescue and extravagant government expenditure that contributed to the tea party revolution. An identical kind of political supporting, offense, and reaction led to the insurgence of Boston Tea Party in the eighteenth century (Volo).
Volo has explained the whole incidence by backing up the whole scenario reflecting the fact that Boston is among the oldest cities of the United States of America. It is the capital of Massachusetts and is the largest city in New England. It is not only the center of education, government and finance; it also serves as the most important fishing and commercial port. Its remarkable historic locations and cultural assets hold great attraction for the tourists.
Considering the mentioned significance of the city, Volo has been successful in examining the importance of the events that happened before, during, and following the stated confrontation. He has also examined the chronological, political, and societal consequences of the Boston Tea Party on the contemporary American society. The Boston Tea Party is a means of inspiration attainment for the innumerable Americans who recognize and acknowledge the Tea Party Patriots of the present times (Volo).
This riveting and exciting book provides insight about the historical event that turned out to be the prompter for the foundation of a democratic republic. The book also offers a smart discussion about the ensuing influence of the Boston Tea Party on the political views held by the people of modern America.
It is important to note here that The Boston Tea Party: the Foundations of Revolution is a great attempt by the writer to give the events’ chronology that paved way for the earliest political rebellion in the United States of America. The author has provided a brilliant, careful, and comprehensive analysis of the 18th century premature proletariat movement. He has also discussed the Tea Party Patriots of the modern day. The most fascinating feature of this book is that Volo has separated the facts from the half truths and misinformation. In addition, he has not amalgamated politics and policies.
Another striking feature of the book that grabs the attention of the reader is that it contains original quotations and citations from the period before the revolution. Moreover, it also includes useful maps and up to date pictures and graphics for lending a unique perspective to the past events.
Other features of the book that makes it worth-reading are the details provided by the writer about the early American history using a chronology of the quintessential events. The book also includes a special bibliography of associated sources that help the reader to acknowledge and recognize the authenticity of the information contained in the work. As already mentioned, The Boston Tea Party: the Foundation of Revolution is an excellent source of information for students, teachers, and historians. The excerpts from the early colonists of America provide richness and meaningfulness to the text.
In addition, a comparison and contrasts of the Boston Tea Party with the modern political party bearing its name is a significant feature of the book as it highlights the similarities and differences without any biasness from the author’s side. It also helps the reader understand the real origin of the Boston Tea Party as Volo demystifies the myths and exposes the exact nature of the movement and the related Party. He has done so by revealing the hidden and or little known realities related to commercial fraud and trade bailout in the eighteenth century.
It is exceedingly important to state here that this work covers all the events and content that is readily available in other books. However, Volo has presented all those events and material in such a unique and exhilarating way that makes it readable and readily understandable. In short, this book is a must-read for everyone who is interested in history and related subjects.

Book Review # 2: The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party’s Revolution and the Battle over American History

The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party’s Revolution and the Battle over American History is written by Jill Lepore. The book was published in 2010 by the Princeton University Press. In this book, Lepore has told the readers a compelling and fascinating story of the exhaustive struggle in the country over the significance of the beginning of the nation. Lepore works as a historian at Harvard University and also writes for the famous New Yorker.
In the reviewed book, he offers an ironic, cynical, and perplexed look at the history of America as perceived by the far right. It would not be incorrect to state that she has been successful in providing an unusual but exceptional insight into the independence struggle of the eighteenth century. She has traced the origins of the reactionary past of the far right. She asserts that the Tea Party’s Revolution was an evocative and melancholic yearning to get a country that is independent and sovereign (Lepore).
In The Whites of Their Eyes, the author reveals the far right’s embracement of a narrative regarding the American homeland. It can be said that has written a valuable book in a brief manner. The book is a reflection of the author’s deep knowledge regarding the Tea Party’s founders and how they viewed the Constitution. Readers may find it an enjoyable read as the book explores many questions related to party’s policies and its failure to recognize several important facts related to American historical origins.
Thus, Lepore has been able to pen the measure of inadequacy and the various crimes of the Boston Tea Party against history. She has done so in just a small book. The best feature of this book is that it is not a screed. Instead, it refreshes the readers as it does not include any anger or indignation towards anyone. It would not be incorrect to state that it is a book for the Tea Party activists and makes them realize their mistakes in a friendly but persuasive manner. Lepore has attempted to recommend and advise the party about its lost values and misinformation. In short, The Whites of Their Eyes is an intriguing endeavor of the author for raising the public policy debate in the USA.
As far as my opinion is concerned, I believe it is one of those valuable books that brilliantly contribute to the present-day public policy discussions. It is recommended to every person who has seriousness for political debate.
Lepore’s reviewed work also gives her liberal view in crystal clear way as the reader can observe her adhesiveness to history. In fact, she has shared a forceful, dynamic and overwhelming consideration about the American history and how certain people use and abuse it for their own advantage. She has criticized the tea party members for the same time and again in the text. She has rescued the forgotten natives and reminisced the Revolutionary era in a beautiful manner. For many, this book will go beyond the tea party and history of America. Some will find it an excellent way to get to know the richness of Boston.
It is true that Lepore is a witty and brave writer who knows what she is talking about. This book is a must-read as it engages the reader by providing a vast background of the perplexed society that suffered under a tyrannical regime. The verve and attention with which Lepore has written this book is outstanding. She has made use of documented facts to debunk all the myths that surround different Revolutionary metaphors and ideas.
It is also important to note that she has not only criticized Tea party and its leaders but has also emphasized on the detachment and repressiveness of the governmental and non-governmental organization for misusing history to attain selfish aims. In my opinion, this precise book must be read by all Americans. This is because a five chapter book like the said one provides an excellent insight of who the Americans are and how they are manipulated as a nation by few so-called leaders.


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