Good crashing my dream car essay example

As a young boy in a family of two girls and two boys, I grew up dreaming of having a successful and bright future. My parents who were both high school teachers made sure we had the best lifestyle that they could afford. Despite the sacrifice, is still felt letdown by my parents because they dint own a car like the rest of my friends parents. Upon graduating and securing a job as a banker, my first priority was to own a Honda Civic. I went from show room to showroom and finally settled for a sleek navy blue 1989 Honda Civic car.
One could say the car dint have the comfort and luxury of power seats, locks, windows and an air conditioner common with modern cars but I was satisfied with its economy in fuel consumption, leather seats and sun roof. The navy blue 1989 Honda Civic was my ride and dream come true. One Sunday morning, my friend Joe invited me to attend his pre-wedding party at their home, 100 miles away from our place. This was going to be my longest trip I was going to drive in my new car and I could not stop imagining the fun a head as I rolled over hills and valleys at breath taking speed.
That fateful Sunday, I skipped going to church so as to have the car serviced before driving to Joe’s home. By 11 o’clock, I was on the highway heading north and little did I know this could be my last trip in my dream car. I had hardly covered 30 miles when I swerved to miss hitting a child crossing the road and ended up crashing into an oncoming truck. Within seconds, I was in pain of broken bones, deep cuts and profuse bleeding. After gaining my conscious, I saw the photos of my wrecked car and I thanked God I was alive. Today as I walk in crutches, I know for sure that indeed life is bigger than a dream car; the child and I are alive.