Good decision lead to bad ending?

Everyone wants a better society, a better place to live on. So, in order to do that, they try think in every way possible on how to make the world a better place.

This, has caused many great achievements but misfortunes as well. Many people act upon excusing themselves on a certain matter by saying that they are doing it to make a better humanity, but sometimes those actions they do in order to help the humanity can change for the worse for their humanity. However, of course, these people think that they are doing the right thing and feel proud of themselves. Excuses like I’m doing this for the good sake of our country or our society is always heard around the world. Some people really mean those exact words, many aren’t. They lie, trying to hide their true ultimate goal and make others believe that their goal is to save the mankind.

It happens all the time, and whatever time period it is, people who claim to save mankind but only wishes their own well being will always emerge from the dark. So, people who just cares about their own wealth and well being would act like they actually cared for the humanity while in private, they are wondering about how to get more rich or more healthy. If these kind of people got hold of the world and ruled it, then the world would slowly at first, but steadily nonetheless, collapse into the hands of those who seek only their happiness. In one occasion everybody in this whole world should know about, there was a person who thought he did the right thing even though it was a mass murder. As anyone could’ve guessed, the person was Hitler. Many people wonder about how a human can actually commit mass murder without blinking an eye.

However, Hitler thought that he was doing the right thing all the time. So, he killed the Jews and many others in the name of justice and the hopes for a purified world. This is one example of a person saying that they are doing it to make the world a better place, but instead make the world far more worse. People should know what’s right and wrong, since if they get mixed up in these two, they’ll probably do horrible things in the name of doing things right. Also, in another occasion, there was people cutting down trees and the nature itself and while doing so, even eliminating the habitats of the armadillos. This, was to build more houses and make the “ world a better place”.

However, as it turned out, the outcome was worse. The armadillos had nowhere to go when their habitat was destroyed completely and so, they ended up just roaming in the streets. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the armadillos carry a disease called leprosy and when people touch it, the people become infected and get the disease themselves. Now, because the people wanted more houses and destroyed the habitats of the armadillos, the result became worse and ended up with many people diagnosed with leprosy. As one can see so clearly, people saying that they were doing a certain type of things for the hopes of better future can actually make our world worse. A person’s choice is very important and they need to think more carefully on what’s right and what’s wrong, since a single person’s choice might end up far worse and make world a living hell or actually make a difference and make the world improve and get better.

This choice is very important. Would the world face World War III or would the world face a happily ever after ending?