Good essay about google

The Google incorporation is an established internet search engine that has gained excellent recognition around the world. This is due to the efforts it has made in making the internet easy to access and by providing all the relevant information that anyone could possibly search for on their site. The organization has gained worldwide recognition due to the changes that it has made on the internet world. There have been constant changes that have been made in the cooperation to try and adapt to the constant change that are taking course in the technology world. Google has gained enough marketing capacity and increased customer rate daily making to become one of the largest companies in the world in terms of the net worth. This has been despite competition from other search engines such as Mozilla Firefox. Google has maintained its reputation due to the marketing skills they have had over the years and the reliability of their search engine to provide accurate and credible information regarding anything that is in existence on the surface of the earth and far beyond. The growth of Google is made evident through the numerous users and searches that are conducted on their search engine on a daily basis. The Google cooperation estimated to run over a billion searches on its data base on a daily basis making one of the most used and successful in the history of the internet. These are among the factors leading to the growth of its customers and other stakeholders who are interested in taking partnership in the multi-billion empire that Google has managed to build in less than a decade.
Google as a multi-billion and international cooperation has a reputation of maintaining a good culture (Sutherland, 2012). This is due to the expectations that the world has on the company. The expectations are due to the diverse number of individuals are in constant association with the company. One of the company cultures is to ensure that they provide information that is most accurate to their knowledge. This is because, Google as an international search engine is relied upon by billions of people to provide them with information on a wide range of services, products, goods, events and people (Frazel, 2009). There is a lot of pressure on the company to ensure that the information that is released on their search engine does not mislead people. This is through releasing biased information that has not been well evaluated to know the accuracy of the information. The pressure from the worldwide community on Google makes it significant that there are high expectations on the company. It is essential that Google as a company and as a business venture need to ensure they are in a position to serve its large clients needs. This is what has led to the culture whereby they try and ensure that all the information that is relayed on their search engine is reliable and does not go against the societal ethics. Google has attained the reputation that it has due to the measures that it takes in ensuring that they do not go against the community ethics. This is a culture that has been maintained in the running of the company to try and ensure that it satisfies at least a majority of its consumer group. Through this, they are guaranteed of continuous success in the running of the company.
Diversity is all also a factor that is largely considered in the running of the organization. This is due to the diverse places and people that the company is in interaction within its operations. Google is a worldwide cooperation with offices all over the world. In order to satisfy its large consumer group, there is a need to ensure that diversity is a factor that is greatly considered in its operations. Having a diverse customer group around the world requires that there is a large number of workforces. In order to meet the government regulations on diversity as well as company policies, diversity is a factor that is highly considered in its operations (Baumüller, 2007). Google has been known to hire a diverse workforce that is not gender, race or ethnic biased. Google as a cooperation has been able to set an example that companies are expected to follow. It is acknowledged that there is a need to ensure that diversity is considered in the hiring of employees by all employers in all companies and other business sectors around the world. It is through diversity that equality can be promoted and ensure that all people are given equal chances regardless of their background. Google has made this as an essential requirement in their hiring process where diversity has taken root. Reports and other government employment agencies have applauded the company due to the culture and diversity aspects it has maintained in the way it runs it affairs.
Google’s culture and diversity are embodied because of the large customer and different stakeholders. It is essential that a cooperation as big as Google should have a proper culture that meets the needs of its customers. In order to maintain the reputation that it has, there is a need to ensure that the culture that it has practices since its establishment is maintained or adjusted to maintain the large consumer group that it has acquired. Such strategies are excellent in making sure the company does not go against the customer expectations (Miller, 2012). Ethics is also factors that have greatly influenced the incorporation of diversity and good culture in the running of the organization. It is expected that all companies adhere to the limitations that exist to ensure that there is no discrimination against certain individuals who may be turned down while seeking job opportunities due to diversity factors (Smiers, 2003). Google as a worldwide organization has made a major impact in advocating diversity ad good organizational culture. This is because they see the need for considering this factor In order to promote diversity and good culture practices in different organizations.
An ideal leader that would best suit this organization would be one that would be aware of the reputation that Google has gained within its short existence. Through this the leader would be in a position to ensure that it maintains and improves on this existing reputation. Through inspiration, a good leader would make decisions that are most suitable to the large number of consumers, stakeholders and other parties involved in the running of the cooperation. This would have a positive impact on Google. A good leader would also come up with new marketing strategies that would help in improving on how this cooperation is run. The best leader for this organization should also have high consideration for diversity; this would be excellent in ensuring that all the different people who are part of Google are given an opportunity to bring their ideas and grievance to the table (Unesco, 2009). This would be relevant in helping to establish the change that should be made to try and improve on how the organization is prospers now and in the future. A good leader would also take part in planning for the future by identifying opportunities and advising the company shareholders to adopt changes and to invest in areas that may help in improving the company’s image.
A decrease in the demand for Google services due to search engines malfunctions is a factor that should be highly evaluated. This is due to the reputation and what is at stake if the company might lose if there was a decrease in their services. Such setbacks should not be entertained in a company such as a Google; this is due to the resources it has that can be used in trying to rectify this issue. Google being a worldwide cooperation should ensure that it has employed the best individuals in their technology department. This is relevant in avoiding an issue that may affect the company search engines which may lead to a significant decrease in the number of clients seeking their services and products. It would therefore, be efficient if the company would make sure that they are well prepared for technical issue that may arise. Google being an international cooperation is under a lot of pressure to ensure that they are providing the best services to their clients worldwide. Acknowledging this fact is essential in ensuring that all loopholes that may be hindering the success of the company are well addressed, and solutions reached.


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