Good essay about worldview

When I reflect on my life, I think my worldview has been shaped by several influences over the years. The people who, in one way or another, shaped my worldview include my three dear friends, my close family and parents. In retrospect, there are three components that influence me the most in my ideas, experiences and life decisions. These components are ethics, God and family.
I am an African American female born in 1966 at St. Mary’s Hospital, Milwaukee (Wisconsin). I was raised in a Christian family in the northern side of Milwaukee. Generally, my state of health is fine, expect for occasional hypertension and irregular heartbeat. I was raised as a Lutheran and also attended a Lutheran school. My Christian upbringing had a strong impact when I was growing up; it shaped my values, and the way I interact with other people.
My family also had a big impact on my life. I was raised in a two parent household together with my one sister. We were a small family but were close to each other. I have fond memories about my childhood, because my parents allowed me and my sister to participate in activities and be kids. In the elementary school, I formed a friendship with three friends and the friendship continued through high school. We shared the same values of honesty and trust, and our parents worked and were in the households. In school, I was an average student. After graduating from school I decided to attend the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee until I got pregnant. I am single, and I have raised two beautiful daughters into adulthood.
In terms of employment, I worked for BMO (formerly Marshall & Ilsley bank) for twenty-nine years. In the first ten years, I worked as a proof operator encoding customer information on their checks and deposits tickets. My job also involved making sure that their transaction balances were okay. In the last nineteen years, I worked in the Account reconciliation department monitoring corporate accounts for fraudulent activity. I later worked for Pick N Save for seven years as a front end cashier before moving to Data Exchange, where I worked for 3 years entering survey, prescription and dental claims. For the last nine months, I have had the pleasure of working with a high risk gynecologist as an office and personal assistant. In this job, I have learned how to request information from other physician and insurance carriers. I have also learned how to send out cultures to laboratories and read lab reports.
In terms of leisure and entertainment, I deal with frustration and stress by watching television, reading a book or sleeping. My hobbies include reading a book, bowling, watching movies and going out to eat. I also travel to Tucson (Arizona) and Greensboro (North Carolina). Until recently, I had the fear of flights, but working for the physician helped me overcome my fear by flying me to El Paso (Texas) twice in the last fall. I value respect, honesty, love, and I consider my heavenly father and parent’s as my hero. Music that makes me feel positive and relaxed and I like to listen to Gospel, Jazz and R&B.
In conclusion, my worldview is shaped by nurture more than nature. The people around me and the events in my life shape the way I view the society. Nonetheless, there are three things that had the most significant effect on my life. These are a strong sense of ethics, God and my family. Going forward, I expect those three components to continue influencing my life choices, thoughts and experiences.