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Response Essay

I bought a yellow Jeep four years back. The decision to buy Jeep was not only that jeep is my favourite car, but also because I love building car engines. Although I barely use my car, I get immense pleasure by spending a lot of money to fix it. I lose a sense of time fixing cars and building car engines. My love for cars, I think, has a lot to do with my personality. It all started when my uncle took me to a ride in his car when I was 10. I was pretty shy back then. My uncle used to take me to new places and I met a lot of people. Those car rides helped me mingle with people and made me how I am right now, an extrovert. My love for cars and car rides have made me such an extrovert that I literally can pick any conversation with strangers. It has increased my social network and improved my communication skills.
When I bought this yellow Jeep, I was thrilled. Even though I was scared to take it out and barely use it, I spent a lot of my money on this machine that I like to call Camel. I have sent tonnes on it to modify its body and alloys in order to reflect my personality. My car reflects my personality in several ways: my favourite colour is yellow, the alloys in my car reflect my personality for fast and flashy cars and the interiors are as calm and soothing as I am. Few of the other reasons of buying the car was to fulfil my taste for travelling, which I think I developed during those car rides with my uncle.
My favourite part of traveling is when I learn about the culture of my country, Abu Dhabi. For example the food in my home county is quite distinct and is a fusion of different cuisines, including the similarities between Lebanese and Arabic cuisines. The restaurants here give an interpretation of their own food and, therefore, have a lot to offer. Apart from my love for travelling, I also love to watch films and rate them. One of my favourite film is Fast and Furious. It fuses my passion for cars and speed. I was too excited to see the seventh part of Fast and Furious because it not only involves fast cars, but it was shot in my home country. Thus, I love my yellow Jeep because it reflects the way I am and my personality.