Good essay on skills needed by the project manager for each phase of the project life cycle

– Initiation Phase. More crucial than knowledge of the business, the project manager must have the qualities of a leader to enable him to share his vision on the need for a change, and influence all stakeholders for the approval and support of a project for this purpose.
– Planning Phase. Technical expertise in this stage is important in developing a project plan, budget, and timelines while team building skills can be vital in identifying key team members and in motivating them towards successful completion of the project.
– Execution Phase. The project manager must be an excellent communicator and organized to manage conflicting tasks/identify priorities, monitor and report progress. Problem-solving skills are critical in addressing risks that can affect the project’s deliverables.
– Project Closure. At this stage of post-implementation and review, the project manager must be able to communicate outcome with stakeholders, share success with the project team and the integrity to acknowledge further areas for improvement.
Throughout the project life cycle, soft skills such as empathy and composure, can help to gain team respect and support of all stakeholders, which are essential to ensure the project’s success.

Job Posting: Project Manager

Responsibilities: Develop and implement a project for operational improvement within an approved timeframe and budget; Lead a cross-functional team and collaborate with stakeholders to gain their support; Monitor progress and address potential risk and issues to ensure successful completion of the project; Prepare report on outcome and make recommendations on further areas for improvement.
Key Qualifications: Has extensive experience and knowledge in operations to identify critical areas for improvement; Exemplified leadership qualities and soft skills to guide a project team; Excellent communication skills, as well as team building and problem solving skills to ensure successful completion of the project.


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