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Personal Essay

Throughout my life, I have come to appreciate the values of these four words that are integrity, innovation, intensity, and involvement as the integral part of success in life. I believe nothing in life comes on a silver platter; ones have to pull their sleeve and get to work to make things happen instead of waiting for others for help. Therefore, I am true testimony to the Thermo Fisher Scientific values, in order to fulfill our goals and mission we have to be people of integrity, in that we must be an honest individual to others and us. Additionally, once we have identified our targets in life, the intensity in pursuing our goals should consistence. However, when things get tough, and there is no way out we should not give up but we need to be innovative and come up with new ideas that will get us out of the situation so as we continue with our journey to success. Finally, I have come to realize that the human beings are not islands that they can live by their own; hence we need each other to fulfill our purpose in life and achieve our ultimate goal which we have set for ourselves. The practicability of the four I’s as applied by Thermo Fisher scientific into our individual lives is undeniable. On a personal level, I have found the adherence to the four principles of intensity, integrity, innovation, and involvement as key ingredients to the various successes I have savored thus far in my life.
In the acquisition of my education, I have faced innumerable challenges, stemming mainly from my benefactor’s underprivileged economic circumstances. Owing to this fact, the acquisition of basic schooling requirements, as well as the paying of school fees was a consistent challenge all through. In line with the superhuman efforts my parents expended towards educating me, I credit the ability to intensity for an equal measure in abetting my studies. In the several instances that I would be out of school owing to the varied challenges, it was incumbent upon my ability to recover and utilize the time I would be present in school to the maximum, a strategy that has continued to pay divided up to the present day. I take the ability to work intensively as the most productive way to utilize time utility. In the condition of inflexible time schedules, it is paramount that the limited time is utilized in the most productive manner; I have always found the answer to this riddle as the ability to work in the most intensive manner probably.
The virtue of being trustworthy and believable is of supreme value in modern interactions. I have always believed in working together with various people in the achievement of goals that would otherwise be difficult or impossible if attempted individually. In this quest to enlist the support and collaboration of others, respect for their contribution, acceptance and execution of one’s share of responsibility is the driving core to the success. The ability to be trustworthy and believable over a consistent period has enabled me to create invaluable partnerships and collaborations in my academic life that has made research and content sharing much easier. Integrity in this case has not only helped me create a reliable network of individuals over time, but has also made the acquisition of devolved resources easier.
Time never stands still, and in the same manner never do the circumstances of our lives ever remain constant. While age brings experience, it is not out of familiarity that better results are achieved in older ages, rather better decision making. In the face of constantly changing world, therefore, one must develop the ability to make quick and effective decisions in response to evolving challenges. The ability to make quick and on point decisions has been a saving grace, enabling my success in the highly involving field of science. Innovative thinking has enabled me to have an edge in my studies, especially in noting the interrelatedness between certain subjects and areas. This approach has enabled me to view science in the broader perspective of things, consequently simplifying my quest to apply knowledge in solving practical problems.
It is never enough to watch on the sidelines, passively noting the proceedings in a safe distance. A willingness to take responsibility has taken me to many places, one of those places being that I love being involved in issues I have stakes on. Active involvement beats all other forms; supervision included, in that the hand on involvement creates a personal feel with the project. Close association with projects also enables expense of dedicated attention to its execution, thus guaranteeing the best returns possible.
While my progress does not lack in some aspects, I am proud of the far that I have come. In retrospect, I am perfectly suited to be involved with your organization. The pillars holding your success have been in large part also been my guiding principles. I believe in giving me a chance to be a part of your amazing institution, you will be in line with advancing your age held principles, of which I am proud to share.