Good example of healthy food fling business plan

Healthy Food Fling is family style restaurant, which provides food for health conscious individuals. Most people are concerned about what they consume because of increased cases of lifestyle diseases that arise from poor eating habits. Food is a necessity, and nobody will live without eating. Over time food has turned from a necessity to a desire, something that ignites passion within individuals that none knew food can produce. We want to make this experience be enhanced by the options that we can provide for our customers. The option of having the same foods they want without jeopardizing their health.
The foods that will be available for the customers include Gluten free food, natural vegetables, and organic food. There will be no trans-fat in any of the product used as a meal. The restaurant will be guided by the slogan of “ Pick up a pizza/quesadilla/burger/wrap and have a healthful shake or smoothie on the side!”
The restaurant’s mission is “ to provide health food to the customers and improve their health levels to the best standards.” The mission statement shows that both the management and the employees in the restaurant will work hand in hand to deliver best services, and quality and healthy food to the customers. The main purpose of establishing the business will not be making profit but helping people to get quality food, while profit will be an added advantage to the business.
The target population/customers is the upper and the middle-class people living in the vicinity. Most of the upper and middle-class people in the society are healthy conscious and know how to choose the best for them. According to the feasibility, study conducted by the manager the location of the restaurant has an affluent neighborhood. Downtown Manhattan, New York is among the best place for one to put a restaurant because of the huge crowds and the Indian healthy food will drag travelers and visitors into the restaurant. The neighbors fit the classes that the restaurant targets to reach, this shows that the number of customers to be experienced in the restaurant will be promising.
The goal is to provide healthful food to the people and curb the high rate of diseases among people. To achieve the goal the management will ensure that all the operations in the restaurant meet the health standards stipulated by the medics.
The success of the business is gauged through the commitment of the management and the simplicity of the tasks operate. The workforce also impacts on the success; the business will only require the services of well trained and hardworking personnel to attain success.
The idea of starting the restaurant business results from the push factors in the market. Currently, there is health craze throughout the nation. Many medical problems exist due to the malnutrition of the individuals. Thus, the restaurant is pushing in providing an alternative to the foods the people currently enjoy, just through adding healthful ingredients. The upper middle class is very concerned with their health and physical wellbeing, and at the same time, they want healthful foods.
The design of the restaurant is among the attractive things that will make the customers enjoy their food. Walk in restaurant, with large/tall windows that can open up and provide a cafe like experience for the customers. Comfortable chairs with well-decorated tables and fresh flowers with a nice scent gives the customers an urge to come for more.
The restaurant will have a rich variety of food originating from different countries because of diversity of the customers’ nationality. Products will include foods from all different countries: pizza, quesadillas, burgers, wraps, Gluten free foods. All the foods will be served to the customers same as it is served in the country of origin.
The business will operate legally through the management acquiring a Business license that will last for a four years. Presently the license will cost a total of $100 application fee. Attainment of the Food handler’s permit is necessary to give the customers a reason to trust the food cooked in the restaurant. The restaurant will apply for the Food Service Establishment permit to allow them sell food products to the consumers. Since the business is a limited partnership, whereby the other partner is my husband, I will apply for Employer identification number. The partner’s duty will be to contribute on getting the capital of the business and providing other financial aids during the course of the business. He will be entitled to 40% of the total profit generated from the business and will not participate in the decision-making process.

Advantages of opening the restaurant

(a) My business will be easy to start.
(b) More capital will be available.
(c) Banks and suppliers will extend more credit and approve larger loans.
(d) My partner will only invest money and will receive 40% of the profit and tax benefits.
(e) I will have all the responsibility as well as the right to make all the decisions for the business. Therefore, there will be no managerial disagreements.
(f) The partnership will be for five years and open for extension if the other partner is satisfied with the profit of the business.

• Disadvantages

(a) Unlimited liability for me
(b) If the business fails, investor won’t be reliable for the loss.
The source of capital for the business will be from my husband who is the investor in the business and I. I recently won a million dollar lotto, and I have $500 thousand on hand. With that money, I want to open a restaurant but I cannot put all the money in the business. It is a great idea to keep some on the side to cover for the cost until the business start handling its expenses. A business whether a small or big takes some time to show a profit. All the business, as well as a personal bill, will be paid from the money left. I will not take any salary until the business start to make a profit. I am very optimistic that the business will make great profits that will enable it to grow to higher standards. Healthy food is in a very high demand. People are always looking for a place to have a tasty and healthy meal.
The workforce will play a major role in the success of the restaurant. I will take most of the time to vet the applicants to choose the best workforce to work within the restaurant. As the main partner in the business, I will be the manager with a team of other twelve members who are dedicated to doing the job. There will be one chef who will prepare all the dishes working with two other individuals who will be giving an helping hand in the kitchen. There will one dishwasher. There will be 4 waiters whereby the restaurant will have 12 tables in and each waiter will be in charge of 3 tables. There will be 2 smoothie counters and at each counter, there will be one employee preparing fresh smoothies on customer’s request. The restaurant will encourage the employees to work for a long time to yield high results through paying them the extra time spent in working.
The restaurant will advertise its products online by using a website that will be designed to show all the products and services offered in the restaurant. Other advertisements will be done through The New York Times and Daily News. The copies of the menu will be printed and distributed to the entire Manhattan notifying the residents of the new restaurant in town with quality and healthy foods.

The restaurant will maintain a constant supply of products through signing a contract with an organic manufacturer of products.

The restaurant will be a socially responsible business. All employees will be more organized and alert. It will be mandatory for waiters to ask for any type of allergies to any food before taking orders. All customers will have the right to choose whatever they want in their smoothies. Every Monday, every dish will be 50% off. No plastic will be used in serving any dish to the customer.
In conclusion, a good business requires a good manager, well-articulated goals and mission, enough money to start the business, and hard-working and dedicated team of employees. I promise to lead and motivate the employees to work hard toward the goal of making the restaurant a success. All will be possible through putting the entire plan into practice. Attached with the business plan is the employee’s payroll.