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While many people believe that the future of education in schools specifically will be the iPad and other similar tablets. However, experts believe that the future will not be just one specific device, although they will be used frequently as well. The future of technology in education is to be able to learn whatever and wherever a person wants to. It will be focused on having real-time access and collaborative learning (Collins et al., 2010). Many people predict that the social aspect of the world is going to move into the educational department as well. People will exchange ideas to try and learn as much as possible from each other. Therefore, if one has to pinpoint towards one specific invention that will most definitely be a part of education in the future, it will be the Cloud. The one thing that every school will need to have, which will be considered as necessary as chairs and tables in classrooms, it will be a fast, robust and a very reliable internet connection. (Collins et al., 2010)

The Future of Educational Technology; Saudi Arabia

While Saudi Arabia has been quite instrumental in implementing educational technology in all educational institutions, e-learning has been quite recent and was first introduced to educational institutions in the country in the past decade or so. Right now, the educational infrastructure has been diverted. It was teacher focused but now it is a student-focused. This has resulted in great achievements in the mobile technologies and long distance learning in all the educational sector (Shehri, 2013). The Saudi Government is also working hard to use the increased interest in mobile social media as a mode of education for the youth, especially university and college going students. Saudi people rank as the third largest users of iOS, the largest BlackBerry users, and 3G usage is at 181%. Thus, the future of Saudi Education is mobile social media learning. The students are forming online study groups and are increasingly participating in Facebook and Twitter learning as well. The mobile phone is definitely the new educational platform for KSA students. (Al-Asmari, 2007)


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