Good is u.s. global dominance destructive argumentative essay example

Is U. S. Global Dominance Destructive?
Since the world war, United States enjoys global dominance due to it control over the other nations around the world. The country enjoys the control of the economy, transport, security and even social status. Although most of this leadership status are profitable, some of the strategies fail have detrimental effects to the other nations. His could be due to a lot of control coming from the States thus overriding the doctrines and laws that govern the other countries.
Therefore, the U. S global dominance can be destructive in a number of ways. First, considering the economy would be ironical to assume their interest in Afghanistan, and I Iraq is just maintaining peace. It is definitely evident that the countries are rich in oil and other useful minerals which could be understood as the main target for the government of United States. Again, the war over terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan left many innocent civilians dead. This was caused by the general fight against the terror groups. It also left thousands of women raped, and families homeless. This again is in line with war with Russians again which left thousands dead.
As the superpower, United States has exposed other countries in the threat of being attacked terrorists. For instance the subsequent attacks in East Africa, which saw many people dead other injured. The irony in those attacks is the fact that, since history, U. S had only two major attacks, the one by Japanese and of which the then President Roosevelt knew about the attack, and the attack on World trade center and pentagon. On the other hand, many poor countries have suffered the attacks targeting the Americans thus killing many people. The country also controls the economy in most of the countries and by the fact that they are the leading in technology; it takes advantage of that thus controlling their economy.
On the other hand, the global dominance by United States has some advantages also to the other countries. First, the allies of U. S enjoy the benefits from its structured and well created technology. America has the best technology in the world with big companies like, Microsoft, Apple and many which circulate its market to the other countries. United States has the best economy which the largest and most productive. It accounts for a fifth of world’s GDP with like 4. 5% population. Therefore, it spreads the best of its investments and economic strategies to the other related countries around the world.
Finally, United States security system has worked globally in fighting terrorism and other unethical threatening groups. It is only recently under the Obama governance that it has started to withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. These soldiers have fought for the other countries around the world, arresting and eliminating the main threats. All this is due to the domination of United States as the world power.
In conclusion, the American global dominance has a negative and positive effect around the world. This destructive part of the American dominance is the deaths that have been caused due to war on terrorism. Many innocent people have been murdered due to this factor. The American Government has also exploited the minerals and other valuable things from the minor countries. Through the advantage over its global economy, the U. S has been exploiting the other countries through having ready market. The dominance has positive impacts as well, which favors the lesser countries. Among this is the fight against terrorism and such offences by the American army. America has offered sufficient economy and technology to the other countries together with its citizens.

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