Good organ transplant critical thinking example

When one donates an organ, the person develops some fear of getting diseases that might affect the other organ (“ Division of Transplantation,” n. d.). Due to the fear, the person’s life changes from happy to almost sad life. In addition, the person is exempted from certain activities such as contact games that may, as in the case of kidney transplant, rapture the other kidney. If the remaining kidney is raptured, the person also requires a kidney transplant. Some people keep on attending medical care facilities for monitoring of the progress of the remaining organs especially to check for possible stress in the remaining organs (“ Organ and Tissue Donation from Living Donors,” n. d.).
Since the chances of getting an almost perfect match for an organ donation is within the family, I would encourage one of the siblings to donate an organ to the ailing sibling. It is much easier to convince a sibling than an outsider to donate an organ. In addition, it is easier to deal with a family donor than an outside donor during the process of extracting and transferring the organ.
In the event that Josie’s donates her kidney and play hockey against the doctor’s advice, I would let her know precisely the risks she is exposing herself to. And if she must, she ought to take care least she raptures the remaining kidney necessitating donation. In addition, she can reduce the number of time she play to reduce the risks.
Josie brother may choose to seek another donor outside the family. However, such would be very tricky as outside donors may not have the ideal cross match. He might decide to live with other treatment options.

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