Good report on focus group

The current discourse would present the findings solicited from a group of nine people who expressed their respective views on the mobile service providers being used in Canada. From the nine people included in the focus group, three (3) reported using Virgin; two (2) use Telus; only one (1) was a user of Fido; while the rest, a total of three (3) use Rogers.
The responses to the question “ how do customers like the company (mobile service providers) they are with” were diverse. To summarize the comments and inputs, the tabular presentation below would effectively capture the highlights of the group’s responses:
Other comments that were relayed by the group members touched on the need to increase efforts to improve the mobile providers’ relationships with their clients. This was deemed crucial in terms of improving the service being provided and potentially training the respective providers’ customer service representatives. In addition, the ability to these providers to address the complaints of the customer in a more effective manner is another factor to gauge the competencies in providing exemplary customer service.
When the group was asked to rank the factors which they believe would enable these providers to effectively satisfy their needs, the following ranking was noted: (1) cheap or reasonable pricing; (2) high quality service; (3) clear reception; (4) affirmed customer loyalty; and (5) no hidden fees. Thus, from among the four mobile service providers, almost all of the members of the focus group have significant satisfaction to Virgin; especially if this provider would be able to address the negative comments that were relayed.
Overall, the information that was divulged by the focus group members could be used as inputs to improve customer service strategies of mobile providers in Canada. It is through conducting customer surveys that organizations are able to solicit needed information about the customers’ preferences and demands. By addressing weaknesses and by capitalizing on strengths, contemporary organizations could improve on current strategies to gain greater market share and to improve their leadership positions through enhanced customer satisfaction and service.