Good report on meeting story

Following the meeting attended on the date of 26 February 2014, held at the local municipal social hall that had intended to get the public and residence views regarding expansion of the municipal market and relocation of the local museum to a different place that was yet to be decided, but two venues had been proposed. The meeting was organized and conducted by the planning commission of the municipal of Arizona, and it started at exactly 9am in the morning. The commission was represented by three people, and those who had been invited were given tags and questionnaires to note down the various responses that the questions demanded. The questionnaires addressed the two subjects stated above of reallocating the museum and expansion of the local market.
The meeting started with prayer from one of the guests invited before the agenda, and the program was presented to the visitors and guest. Guests were then given writing materials along side the questionnaires that they would fill out and handle it back before the meeting came to a close. After that, the leader of the group among the three the commissioners addressed the guests and people invited for the debate elaborating the strategies and the reasons as to why the municipal leadership would like to implement the stated changes. It was then time for guests to give their opinion and views regarding the two changes intended to be done by the municipal, where by each member was giving an opportunity to present their views and opinions regarding the subject, and this was done for about two hours. Every attendee’s views and opinions were recorded by one of the commissioners who were leading the meeting. At around 11: 15, the discussion and presentation came to an end, and it was time for guests to fill out the questionnaires presented to them, and at around noon the exercise was done, and people left for lunch which was catered for by the commission. They had outsourced for outside catering services, and the lunch was served within the premises of the social hall.
At around 2 pm, the meeting resumed, and this time it was the guest to analyze the strengths and drawbacks of the points and opinions that they had regarded themselves and the subject at large. This development occurred for about an hour, where further opinions and views were noted down, each pointing out and emphasizing on the possible outcome that implementing a set strategy or view would lead to and impact regarding the two subjects. Finally, a ten point document was presented by the commissioners who were noting down points and opinions regarding the views of people from the hall, and the guests invited had to agree and approve that what had been written down was the opinion and views that the people had presented in that meeting. Finally, the meeting came to a close at around 4 pm with a vote of thanks from the three commissioners, and I offered the closing prayer.