Google vs. yahoo

Google vs. Yahoo Today, in our time of current technology we tend to rely on it more in everyday life. When using the internet, two of the most important websites are Google and Yahoo. They are two of the world’s biggest search engines, and also provide many other web and multimedia services to the world. Google and Yahoo are most popular for their online search engines. When we need to find something on the website but not sure where exactly to go, that’s when they come in handy. When doing homework, research, or for just plain fun that’s when we go to find something we need information on. We all definitely learn so much things we didn’t know before, thanks for their online search engines. One of the most classic ways of communicating online is and always will be Electronic Mail (Email). It has been widely used in the past, and still is today. Google Mail and Yahoo Mail are two of the most popular online email services that is used worldwide. I personally use it for business, school, and for personal communication with friends and family. I definitely believe that email will always be popular because it can be accessed from anywhere. It is always there, available online wherever you are. When we need to go somewhere that we aren’t similar with, we often also rely on online maps and directions. Google and Yahoo both provide excellent online maps and directions available either on a computer, and now also on mobile devices. I, myself use my phone to navigate me whenever I need to be somewhere that I don’t have a clue where it is. No more need for pulling out the old Thomas guide maps again. When it comes to comparing Google with Yahoo, They defiantly are similar but both focus on different things. Google focuses their main site design to be very simple and easy for their users. Yahoo focuses more on their design and presentation to their users. Google’s website loads quicker because there isn’t much content on their pages. Yahoo’s website loads slower because they have so much multimedia and ads on their pages. Both companies defiantly do have a difference between them. Yahoo owns and runs Yahoo Answers. A community driven question & answer site. Google does not have anything currently to that service. Google owns Android, which is one of the most popular mobile phone operating system is the world. Yahoo does not have anything similar to that, when it comes to mobile phones. Also therefore, these two websites are very similar to each other with the services they provide. They each have some unique features that one another do not, but since the 90’s Google and Yahoo will always continue to help us in our everyday life.