Grace hopper and the invention of the information age

The end of the war opened new opportunities in the civilian sector for the professor. She would become an employee of the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation. Hopper made valuable contributions to the development of programming languages and applications for the UNIVAC computer. She developed a compiler which helps to act as an interface between machine language and human language. This revolutionary accomplishment now forms the basis of modern programming languages and applications. It helped to create the basic syntax for coding applications. Hopper would invent the term “ computer bug” when a real moth was found to be trapped in the UNIVAC computer (Beyer, 69). Hopper’s greatest contribution was the development of the COBOL which became the standard blueprint for modern programming languages. COBOL was easily understood and applied by computer programmers. It uses English language syntax as a means of developing efficient and effective applications. Hopper made valuable contributions in creating standards for programming languages. These standards have led to the immense proliferation and development of applications. Grace Hopper will always be acclaimed for making computer technologies accessible to the general public. Her valuable research now forms the basis of modern applications and technologies.